brothers' vintage mod thrift industrial color-filled bedroom

Yes, I finally had a chance to snap some photos of their room.  OK, a LOT of photos.   All was clean, the sun was shining, and it was before their tables were completely covered in prized Lego creations.

These buddies have always shared a room and it's never been anything fancy or done up.  (Not that they've noticed).  I talked more about it and shared some progress photos here.  It was such a joy to surprise them with a room redo.  You should have seen their faces when they saw the loft beds and all the space underneath!

Again, here's the cringe-worthy "before" shot.  I had just purchased the bedding from IKEA but nothing else had been done.

Here's their room "after".  Yeah!  Goodbye drab walls....hello bright and light color!  Loft beds to create floor space.  Each boy has their own area with table, bean bag, and corkboards (no taping stuff to the walls!).  I love mixing modern with vintage.  The IKEA bedding is the mod and pretty much everything else is vintage. You remember, right, how I love old things...things with a history...how they bring character to a space. My boys think old things are cool, too. "This book is from when Mormor was born?? Whoa!"
I had bookmarked this post long, long ago because I fell in love with those cool hanging loft beds...their simple lines.  Hubbie built them and attached them to the wall using all the tips mentioned in their post but we were definitely not comfortable with the lack of stability.  Theirs may have been rock solid but ours still moved a bit.  Realistically knowing how wild our boys can be, we decided to play it safe (and be able to rest easy) and add a single beam underneath each bed.  It worked and didn't take up too much space and those beds aren't going anywhere!
I wanted the room to have a slight industrial touch to keep it from being too little-boyish so the metal shelf, metal typewriter tables and metal clip-on lights were the answer. The shelf was a craigslist find, the tables happened to be at a thrift store, and the lights were super cheap at Lowe's. One thing I haven't gotten around to yet is replacing their light fixture with a metal one...a galvanized venting piece I'm going to rig up. Eventually.
I gussied up the side of the shelf with an old science book I cut apart. My firstborn picked out the pages he liked best.
Little Sister loves to swing on the rope down to the floor. Sometimes they let her in there. Other times, not so much.
Other sources (which aren't going to be of much help but in case you were wondering):
Paint - Lowe's Valspar Aqua Glow
Personalized bean bags - Pottery Barn Kids (generous gifts from grandparents a long time ago )
Cattle skull - a lucky garage sale find!
Burlap and fabric bunting, curtains, corkboards - made by me (for the curtains, I just sewed orange fabric to the bottoms of white curtains I already had.  Yeah for remaking!)
All vintage items - have slowly been hunted down and gathered by me from thrift stores, yard sales, and antique malls

As a total aside, do you want to know what other boy's bedroom I just love? The one Ashley Ann created for her boys here.  Isn't it great?

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