creaking open the door, taking a peek inside this quiet place

i'm still alive.
i don't even know where to start.
all the photos!
but i would like to slowly begin to share over here once again.
i miss it.


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just a slowing to see

amongst the potato vines, she chose to nestle her treasure #sparroweggs #whyaretheydifferent?

honestly, very honestly, my eyes have become somewhat clouded lately.  it's not that His presence is harder to see.....that His gifts do not abound.  but it's that i'm choosing not to notice.  as i bluster about.  as i go my own way.  (and now the song plays in my head, fleetwood mac, "you can go your own wayyyy".) a self-imposed decidedly ungrateful funk, i guess.

so, i'm forcing myself for pause for just a moment to

the ever-ongoing-list of the millions of ways He showers grace upon me.....
the teensy-tiniest birds' eggs
even the cow bird's eggs, too
His power painted across the sky
His glory #latergram #stormwatching #breathtakinglybeautiful #mondaynight #thunderstorm
sweet on my tongue
salty butter
easy-to-please children
a bowl to use and spoon to stir with

because it's not a sleepover without rice krispie treats #butterlove #girliehasagirliefriendover
a companion who loves unconditionally
sleeping her
sleeping children
nighttime frog chorus
fireflies in a jar

life is tiring when you're a goldendoodle #curledup #wishicouldjoinyouwinnie #goldendoodle
egg-giving wonders
a running chicken, something that makes me laugh every time
a better-late-then-never garden and life sprouting

well, good morning, ladies! ☀#themandyou #welcometomyweedgarden #maybeillworkouttheretoday #thisdayisagift #1000gifts #pictapgo_app
friends who text
friends reunited
lives well lived and reminiscing
hope in a forever future
hot sunshine on my skin
work that satisfies
another anniversary celebrated
vision to see...may it increase, Lord

as i've been carrying around a softball of anxiety in my stomach lately over how little time there seems to be
to get.everything.done, (therein lies my problem, i fear, EVERYthing will NEVER be done),
i've had ann's words on repeat, "life is not an emergency. life is not an emergency. slow to see."
it's really not,  i really believe it. and i'll try, Lord-help-me,
i'll try to slow & see.
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because i've been thinking on this....

and maybe you'd like to read it, too?  ann's words on relationship that challenge and encourage.

and a whisper from me....i'll be back here soon, Lord-willing. it's my desire!
love to you.

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i need it spelled out on my arm (and a coupon code for you)

i feel naked....
if i leave home without the reminder on my wrist.
my wide cuff because i'm shallow and so easily forget that He goes with me.
that i'm sheltered.
always and forever.
that in Him, there is safety and calm.

that my heart is bound to my Maker's even if my temporal feelings are screaming at me otherwise.

ok, so, yes, i also love being reminded of my friend, becky, the cuffs' talented maker, the girl God dropped into my lap who felt like a soulmate that weekend once upon a time. we're far in distance but she's never far from my heart (or wrist, ha)!

miss becky has limited her cuff-making to 10 days at the beginning of every month. you know what that means, right? today's the day. it's the 1st! she is generously offering my readers 15% off their orders. awesome. just use coupon code "megan15" at checkout.
here's her shop....dream away about what you need reminding of.
happy may, y'all. it was blissfully sunny and 80 degrees here today! ahhhhhh
praying you're showered with His peace this week,
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