i need it spelled out on my arm (and a coupon code for you)

i feel naked....
if i leave home without the reminder on my wrist.
my wide cuff because i'm shallow and so easily forget that He goes with me.
that i'm sheltered.
always and forever.
that in Him, there is safety and calm.

that my heart is bound to my Maker's even if my temporal feelings are screaming at me otherwise.

ok, so, yes, i also love being reminded of my friend, becky, the cuffs' talented maker, the girl God dropped into my lap who felt like a soulmate that weekend once upon a time. we're far in distance but she's never far from my heart (or wrist, ha)!

miss becky has limited her cuff-making to 10 days at the beginning of every month. you know what that means, right? today's the day. it's the 1st! she is generously offering my readers 15% off their orders. awesome. just use coupon code "megan15" at checkout.
here's her shop....dream away about what you need reminding of.
happy may, y'all. it was blissfully sunny and 80 degrees here today! ahhhhhh
praying you're showered with His peace this week,
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  1. it was a fateful weekend. soul sisters unite! i'm so glad that sheltered cuff goes with you everywhere. weird i made it for you without even knowing you at all...but HE knew just what you needed reminded of:)

  2. Love these! great gift ideas for my galfriends ; )

  3. Anonymous03 June, 2013

    I am wearing my cuff right now that reminds me to be thankful, each and everyday. I cannot wait to pick out another one.

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