the snail and my blog

"By perseverance the snail reached the ark."
~ Charles H. Spurgeon
this little california snail made us smile so. the way he twisted and contorted to move sooooo slowly was awesome.
he just kept on going no matter the obstacle. no matter how slow the progress seemed.
a good lesson for us all.
i suppose i should expound with a personal story BUT i only have a moment and
i wanted to say that...

instagram has eaten my blog. 

 i've discovered such joy in relationships over there that i'm finding it JUST SO HARD to invest time here. you know, right(?), that i've always struggled with what to type out, what to share. the words never flow naturally. the photos and the creativity, yes. but, words? not so much. that's why instagram is the perfect place for visually-minded me! also, i've opened a little instashop there and that plus etsy & everything else in life is keeping me running (at a distinctly UN-snail-like pace). i'm loving it! SO, that's why this blog has been so quiet.  are you on instagram and i don't know it? find me, would you??! just search "contentedsparrow" because i'd love to connect with you there.

p.s. all that said, i DO have things on my mind and heart that i'd like to share.
and i will. eventually.
thanks for sticking with me.
hope your week is lovely!
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  1. I know the feeling!

  2. Whoa....you had me holding my breath, worried that you were done with your blog. Please don't quit here. ;) I can imagine how much nicer/easier it is on IG but for those few of us who still have archaic phones that wont allow us to be on it, please check in here every so often. ;) I miss your posts.

  3. it is a blogsucker. BUT please don't ever stop though mmmkay;)

  4. i'm with Becky. : ) i like what you have to say...and what you take pictures of. i get it though.

  5. Anonymous02 May, 2013

    i follow you, and am a fellow michigander. :) my username is beforeverlovely18 if you want to stop by and say hi! :) happy friday!


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