vintage sheets anyone?

hey there,

just wanted to let you know here that tonight (thursday) at 9:30pm est, i'm having an "instasale" over on instagram.  you can find my little instashop by searching for "sparrowmercantileIG".  what's an instasale, you say?  i post a picture of an item and the first person to comment with their paypal email address and zip code is the winner/buyer.  so, it's a bit like an auction except with fixed prices. 

you can see in the photos a sneak peek of what i'm selling. i'm clearing out most all of the vintage sheets i've been hoarding collecting over the years. plus two quilts, one afghan, some pillow covers, and a few non-vintage linens.

and in case you are on instagram and didn't know, i'm "contentedsparrow" over there.  :)

thanks for taking me....crazy seller girl and all.

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  1. What's a girl with a dumb phone to do? I'm about ready to go out and get a smart phone just for a chance at that yellow and white floral. It really wants to live at my house. :)

  2. Oh my I missed it! Such beautiful sheets too! I recently started my own Etsy shop and am making little girl Jammies from vintage sheets. So if you ever come across more to sell, I'd love to take a look at them. My little thrift store in town has done me well, but I'd love more options!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!