in which He says Listen Up

i've been longing to blog.
(as in, i will actually take the time to compose a post longer than a paragraph.)

but today i leave you with this.
this that God knocked me over the head with recently
(smack dab in the middle of one of those winter-grey, energy-sapping days).

"My Peace is like a shaft of golden light shining on you continuously.
During days of bright sunshine, it may blend in with your surroundings.
On darker days, My Peace stands out in sharp contrast to your circumstances.
See times of darkness as opportunities for My Light to shine in transcendent splendor.
I am training you to practice Peace that overpowers darkness.
Collaborate with Me in this training.  Do not grow weary and lose heart. "
John 1:4-5; Hebrews 12:3
-Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

i heart you

OK, Lord, i hear ya.  loud and clear! You're always right!

thankful today for
sunshine after the dark
strong bodies
busy hands
endless curiosity
how You speak volumes
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  1. This is beautiful and speaks so loudly to my stay at home mama heart, which sometimes gets weary. Thank-you for sharing! :)

  2. girl i've had so many gloomy energy zapped days as of late. love what He gave you. i'm gonna just snatch it up too!

  3. Perfect for today...for this week...for like, ever! I think I just got smacked in the head.

  4. yes!
    i get you.
    thanks for sharing your heart.
    i'm going to think on this for a while.

  5. gorgeous coral hearts!

    Yup, do not grow weary in well-doing. I need to remind myself of this. Thank you for sharing!

    We have the children's "God Calling" but not the original. Maybe I need to change that!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!