making His deeds known: 2012 in review


abide: verb
1. to remain; continue; stay;
2. to continue to be sure or firm;
2. to wait for; await

our word for the year. a close runner-up was dwell. i'm looking to "continue to be sure" in my faith. to lean into Him. to wait on Him. to listen, really listen for His direction. and ACT on it. not just BE sure but to GROW in that assurance. and out of that assurance, to bear fruit that will bless others. starting with those in my own home and spiraling outwards.

what's your word for the year?

God's goodness, mercy, love, and faithfulness overwhelmed us in 2012. like always. looking back over my instagram photos, i see them as all grace. it was hard but i gathered up some favored moments from the year. and i use this first (real) blog post of the year to continue on with my list of thanks.....
#1,452 - 1,550


color surrounding us everywhere, all the time!
creativity because we're made in your image, Lord
the taste of a sweet orange on my tongue

kids with cookie dough on spoons
Your wildly wonderful world
palm trees and dripping moss
her hazel eyes and pink lips
boys with crab traps

opportunities for adventure
riding a bike with him in the sunshine
Your promises painted across the skies

boating boys
the beach and heat and friends during a michigan winter? now that's heaven on earth
weekends away with him
cuban cafe con leche, ohhhhhh my
laughing until we cried
stitches in fabric
the joy of watching kids experience things for the first time
camp where they experience You


him by my side forever & always
a beautiful wedding and the happiest flower girl that ever was
women that yearn after You
friends to know & be known by

sand dollars and underwater things You created for no other reason than our enjoyment and Your glory
the promise that You go with us always

learning as lifestyle
sunny mornings
firstborn hugs
instagram friends
with etsy shops! :)

that daughter You gave me!
amazing architecture and city squares that ooze history
babies with rolls. i mean, seriously, is anything jollier than mr. henry up there?
kids who venture a new-food taste
how He uses this crazy internet to bring people together

the endless, astounding, amazement i find in Your creation
being this close to a dolphin.....eeeek!
treehouses and chidhood
blue angels BOOM
their first time skiing and loving it
joy to the world
patient dog
his kissable lips
the gift of her friendship
Your loving hand evident


this is the day the Lord has made. EVERY day
his fishing joy
celebrating another year
girlie besties with hot cocoas


days full of beauty
and You right there in the midst of storms
her, her, her, her, her, her, her, herher
and so many other enriching relationships He's given
(too many to list out. you know who you are!)

a fluffy companion who's brought SUCH joy to our days
a garden that feeds us
the smell of lemon in my nose
her spunk
saying "yes" to things that bring him happiness

another anniversary celebrated...15 years
art in our city
beach days!
unexpected soul sister
a friend that mentors me in the wonderful grace of You

an outlet for creativity
being able to contribute
coffee in morning
cheese farm!
secondborn's dimples and sweetness


sunsets over water
discovering unforgettable places
solo travel that fills my emotional tank
his connection with that goldendoodle girl

school on the trampoline!
a new chocolate chip cookie recipe that's the best yet
celebrating the marriage of a boy we've known since babyhood
friends that are like family
getting connected in the church body
6-year-old birthday girl

"So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three;
but the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13
"Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!"
1 Chronicles 16:8
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  1. What a beautiful year! And with your outlook and aspirations for the next? Surely another beautiful one to come! And your graphic design abilities are amazing! That stuff is so beyond my comprehension but I love what you do!

  2. Oh, man!! Love that "abide" design!! So so pretty!! You need to make it a printable in the shop!!! I need it on my wall! HA!

  3. I've just recently started reading your blog, and I've been loving it. I grew up in Grand Rapids, and my family still lives there, so I visit often. It's fun to see glimpses of some favorite places throughout your posts. My mom and I visit Everlasting Blooms every time I'm home. :) Happy Wednesday!

  4. such LOVELINESS here!! looking forward to an AWESOME 2013!!

  5. Abide---such a beautiful word.
    I love it. I especially love it when I am obedient and do it.
    Why is it so hard????

  6. An awesome new design!
    I'm looking forward to reading your blog this year.

  7. i'm so glad my crazy mug made it into your year. WHAT a year!! love you soul sister;)

  8. the year looks so colorful through your eyes megan! thanks for sharing your beautiful perspective with us.

  9. I first linked to your blog from Ann Voskamp over a year ago - I come by often, and find myself fed by all the colour, and your cheerful spirit. As a bright light loving Australian living in Vancouver, Canada, where winters are long and grey, and truth be told, often a bit lonely, it does my heart good to spend a few minutes here. You bless.
    As you abide in Him, may you have a sense of His deep, abiding, daily presence in your life and home this year.

  10. What a blessed life you live!
    God is so good.

  11. Oh how did I miss this lovely post!??! Henry!!!!!!!!!!! Those rolls...*sigh*

  12. I just started reading you blog..and I love it. LOVE these pics, they are so colorful fun! What a wonderful snapshot of life. Looking forward to following you in the year ahead.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!