just hey.....and a peek

hey guys,
well, you know that beautiful snow we tromped through on saturday?
it's gone.
save for a few parking lot piles. is it unusually warm where you are, too?
not only was it warm but there was a thunderstorm with lightning! on january 29! crazy!

i KNOW weather talk is OH so exciting but
i was really just popping in to give another sneak peek of some more goodies that will be listed in the shop on FRIDAY. it's just short and sweet because this girl has to get BACK TO WORK! during this time before a big shop update, i always question why i do this to myself. meaning, list everything at once instead of trickling things into the shop every now and then. and my answer? i don't have one. really.....no idea.

here's your peek.

& hope you had a lovely tuesday.
(it was my firstborn's 11th birthday today. he and i snuck out for starbucks and doughnuts this morning. i made lemon pie bars. and then the restaurant he chose to go to tonight gave him/us the most ginormous strawberry shortcake free birthday dessert. blahhhh. full. i die.)

too bad for me that that hoop is going in the shop. it matches my paintings pretty well, if i do say so myself.

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  1. Love. I hope I can peek in there early enough to snag one (or more!) of these things! I'm so afraid I'll forget... :)
    Happy, happy birthday, eldest son! Eleven. *sigh*. It's just gettin' good, my friend. <3

  2. All of it is beautiful. I can't wait to see it all on Friday!
    stephany @homeiswhatyoumakeit

  3. CAute stuff miss megan:)

  4. And now today....three feet of snow! Crazy Mitten weather!


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