i'm still here

and doing well!
i promise!
i'm itching to blog.
500 photos taken in the last 20 days came off my phone last night.
my husband is still home this whole week so we're all still in vacation mode.
well, if you can call organizing every nook and cranny of this home a vacation.
it feels SO good though.  someone is going to score big time at the thrift store this week after i drop off my goods. 
did you get an iphone for Christmas?
then hurry up & join instagram....my favorite virtual place.
you can find me by clicking on the little polaroid camera in my sidebar or search in instagram for contented sparrow or megan modderman.  because making time to blog is hard for me, instagram is something i do daily.
ok, i just wanted to check in to say that i will be back!  soon, Lord-willing!
and just like the house, this space is getting a fresh makeover, too.
thanks be to Him for new beginnings!
happy new year!
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  1. writing this exact post right now. down to the 500 photos. :)

    love you!

  2. good to "hear" you again. I meant to email you the other day, just to check in and let you know I was thinking of you, but failed at it.{picture me hanging my head in shame:)} Know that I appreciate you, love you, and miss you. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

  3. happy new year, megan! hope it's a great one. looking forward to following along with you in 2013... and thank you so much for inspiring all of us and sharing your heart here!!

  4. I really look forward to what you will share with us, this upcoming year.
    God is good and so good to us.
    Can't wait to see pictures/see your new space/hear your new words.

    My love,

  5. Mmmmm... I kinda wish I lived next door to your thrift store #forreals


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!