hello second week of december

i fear i have completely lost my blogging mojo if i ever did indeed have it!
just as i don't have time to write
(and am shirking my nighttime etsy duties to tap this out),
i'm quite sure you don't have time to read!
but maybe you chose to spend your one free moment today catching up with me?
thank you. :)
it's just a tidbit and
a few photos today.

all my in-real-life peoples can tell you that i've
always been a Christmas-tree-the-day-after-thanksgiving
kind of girl.
but we didn't cut our tree down until this week.
and my main floor looks like a glittery, sparkly bomb went off.
i truly only have two bins of Christmas decorations but it's the
undecorating that slows me down.

THIS is what keeps me productive at night....
every night as of late.
every night as of late
and it tastes so much better, don't you know, with a flea market silver spoon. :)
the tree farm where we go every year is kind of pricey and the frasiers have been sorry-lookin' the past two years but it's hard to change tradition. and i don't want to! the kids love the marshmallows with a bit of hot chocolate (wonder WHO they inherited that from??) and the farm dogs and getting to use the saw. the trees were still short and expensive but it was another deposit in their memory bank. "remember that place we always got our Christmas trees from? the one with all the marshmallows you could eat?!"


cutting down our tree





on a completely unrelated note, all i really want to do lately is to be stitching or knitting or digging into my Bible or baking or reading aloud.  hmmm, i think i may have mentioned that in my last post.  
i stumbled upon these two stitchery patterns below on etsy.  they make me laugh.  maybe you'll find me stitching away in the cold of january.  
i'd love to sit and stitch away on these fun downton samplers. pdf pattern here.

ok, i'm off to deal with the mess downstairs.  to turn the Christmas jumble into Advent peace.
in my heart most of all.
blessings to you today.
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  1. my mojo's whacked right now too;) loved seeing anything from you.

  2. You're so stitchy! I love it.
    Are you getting snow right now?? I heard a rumor...

  3. ahhh, blogging mojo...i fear it will forever be *just* out of grasp. BE ENCOURAGED!!
    i've resigned that my life is so.so.so. MUCH more than what i actually get around to filling the pages of my blog about. I wouldn't trade these moments for blog mojo anyday!!
    May His Peace fill your heart as you savor this Wonderful Holiday Season.

    ps. your coffee cup rocks my world!

  4. Love seeing a peek of you. Hang in there! You are precious.

    Hugs and hugs!

  5. First, yay for flea market spoons!! Did you get the grapefruit spoons??? Second, OMG to the Downton stitchery. WHA???!! I so want to do one!! Love it!

  6. I have my tree up and I might still have my Summer wreath on my outside door. Oh well.
    We have had sickness for almost two weeks here so getting the tree decorated was a miracle.
    Pictures are lovely. I'm eyeing a cross stitching pattern on etsy too. Let me see if I can find it...http://www.etsy.com/listing/108332047/rejoice-in-the-lord-complete-embroidery

    I hope you find a time to reflect on the season soon. Remember life isn't an emergency.


  7. I always make time for you blog:) It's a highlight for sure. But I know what you mean. Something about the holidays this year feels overloaded and is zapping my blogging mojo too. So I just ramble on and hope someone doesn't fall asleep. Haha! I love your little hot chocolate station! Do you use a premade mix from the store or whip up your own? I've made my own mix in the past and haven't been thrilled. Maybe I'm just not using the right mixture.
    Happy Day friend! xoxoxox

  8. You are speaking my language with that Downton Abby goodness. January 6th can't come soon enough!

  9. hi friend. just had to say my favorite bit in your photos (besides the decor which i can never get enough of) is the pic above the funny embroidery couple. it shows a close up of the back of your son's sweet head...he has that cowlick on the right which makes his hair all swoop left? mine has one too. those details are the bits of motherhood that get me most. they're like secrets just for me, and i know other mothers must have them too.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!