prep work


my happy mess this weekend
watching documentaries
chopping up thrifted sweaters
preparing for this coming weekend
when i'll be at craft weekend!
i'm so thrilled to help out meg & kimberlee
and to have becky waiting for me at the airport
and to hug ashley and little one.
finally meeting friends face to face?!
what gifts!
(with all those sweaters (for crafts), i'm guessing just bringing a carry-on isn't going to cut it. :)

i know it won't hit me until i'm planted on the plane. that's how i roll. busy at home until i sit down on that seat and have a moment to take in what's about to happen. pre-trip is always the time when i wish i didn't have to sleep so i could get more done, so i could read one more chapter with the kids. but i'm reminded of ann's words that life is not an emergency. he created me with that need for rest. and who am i to argue with that?

i don't know if i'll have to a chance to post again before i go. i plan on using that airport time to work on the blog redesign....so, you may be surprised the next time you pop over. :)

hope your week is full of His wonderful surprises!

*edited to add: i have a bit of an afghan-blitz going on over in the shop.  all the same price.  easy for you.  easy for me!  {i ♥ granny chic!}

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  1. I am so beyond jealous!!! 5 of my favorite people you, Becky , Ashley, meg, and kimberlee it couldn't be any better! Have way too much fun!!!!!

  2. Oh! Have a wonderful time! That is so fantastic! Kiss little one for me, ok?!

  3. oh so fun...craft weekend.

  4. That Ann, her words- a constant gift:))) have fun at your craft weekend!!

  5. Oooh I like that. Life is not an emergency. I run around half the time like it is. Good food for thought this morning. Pulling my suitcase down today...starting the process ...Eeeeek!

  6. lovely megan, how wonderful to look forward to meeting sister souls, celebrate creativity and crafting, and experience the joy of together. many blessings friend!

    1. sweet laura, you are always so kind and encouraging and i just wanted to tell you you are appreciated and loved. i haven't forgotten that we need to get something on the schedule! hope to catch up soon. have a lovely week!

  7. I cannot help but be jealous that you girls are going to craft weekend THIS weekend!!!:) I have been on the waiting list forever!Ahhhh! Patience isn't one of my things, but I'm working on it:) I just know you girls will have THE BEST time. Please take lots of pictures!:) And have a safe trip!xoxoxoxo
    Ps. Which documentaries were you watching? We're always looking for ones we haven't seen yet.

  8. have SOOOOOOO much fun crafting and laughing and meeting fun friends!!! can't wait to hear all about it!!! much love and safe travels!!! xoxo

  9. Oh how i long to go to Craft Weekend...swoon!!
    Look at your new shop logo ~ LOVE IT!!
    & *what* are you crafting w. all those sweaters? do tell!!

  10. Oh wow! That is a whole lot of awesome at craft weekend!! Can't wait to see everyone's pics. Lucky girls who are attending are in for a treat!

  11. So excited you get to go to Craft Weekend! The ladies who got this weekend hit the motherload of amazing bloggie women as guests too!!! WOW! Can't wait to see pics! It's going to be so much fun!!

  12. I Love Love Love that you mentioned how God created us with a need for rest! My, do I need to remind myself of that often! I will be joining you at CW this weekend... Can't wait! I agree with Christie, this group has the motherload of "amazing bloggie women"! What are we crafting with those sweaters??? I'm SO curious! Excited to meet you soon!

  13. it's going to be so much fun!
    have a wonderful time, megan!
    meeting new friends is such a blessing. :)

  14. Found you on the #whatevercraftweekend Instagram hash tag. Headed there tomorrow myself and am thrilled to meet people in person as well. It's going to be a blast. Trying to pack but keep getting distracted. I have to say I am surprised you are redesigning your site. It is completely adorable. I really love it! Glad you are joining us...see you soon! {squeal}


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!