notable: artist janet hill

because sometimes things make me smile, oohh & ahhh and i want to share them with you!

this amazing artist has been a long-favorite of mine. her paintings are soulful and quiet and tell a story.
a story i'd like to read!
i'd like to curl up on that couch, stir a cup of cocoa in that kitchen, listen to the tales that woman has to tell.

enjoy the work of janet hill. here's her blog.
and here's her beautiful etsy shop with shelves full of eye candy {i.e. prints to buy}!
*note: the captions are the painting's title and link to the shop listing

it's a grueling choice but i think my favorites are these top two.....
the party in the next room
hot chocolate
saturday morning at pemberley flat
trouble arrives
{p.s i wish dressing like that ↑ was a reality for me.}
lady gertrude's decadent brunch with flora and fauna
snow white
minnie was an aggressive driver

the magic spice cake
the secret diary of snow white
the matriarch of black walnut manor. silke was an inventor, an amateur ornithologist and kept a well ordered house
snow white's vanity
general custard
cherries jubilee
the chocolate one with sprinkles
portrait - the english major
i could go on and on and on.
isn't her work entirely lovely?
what's your favorite?
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  1. I ADORE JANET HILL. My bathroom is lined with her prints. She makes me escape into her fantasyland. Another thing we happen to have in common;) Weird!

    1. awesome!!! we all demand photo proof, becky!

  2. i love love love janet hill's work...how can one choose a favorite...i love the ones of scenes around the house.

    1. i love the house scenes the best, too, i think, nicole. well, or the people. or the bakery. it IS just too hard to pick one!

  3. I LOVE her work! One of my dreams is to own one of her originals one day!

  4. I love both this artist and *you*, Megan. (You are colorful, creative, and artistic like she is, by the way.)


  5. Thank you for the lovely post about my work!

  6. megan-- i lay in bed last night forever looking through her blog for a long time, what amazing work and colors...wow. i adore the donut one, the kitchen one-- pretty much all of them. i love finding new work by takented women to drool over. thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh my goodness! I almost can't choose a favorite! I like the one with the sewing machine, and the one with laundry hanging up in the sweet kitchen, and the donut shop. Ok, I like them all!:) Thank you for introducing me to this! Happy Saturday!

  8. ooh love this artist! - hadn't heard of her before - where have i been?

    this one is my fav!


  9. Wow. Such talent. Thanks for sharing. I love being introduced to new artist!!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!