in which the winds whipped up wanderlust in my heart: craft weekend part II

*i know i shouldn't apologize for the amount of pictures i post but for some reason, i always feel like i need to when a post is particularly photo-laden. like this one. when i'm reading other people's blogs, i always thoroughly enjoy posts that are full of images but that's because i'm such a visual person. and that, i suppose, is why there are a bazillion photos in the post. so, sorry (even though i'm really not sorry).

before i share with you the most enchanting place i've been in years, i pause to talk bakeries. do you remember how i love old-timey bakeries? (you should because i feel like i talk about it a lot.) if i'm traveling somewhere, i'll google the bakeries in town to make sure i might not accidentally miss out on a gem. so when kimberlee told me about a bakery in the craft house's small-town that a) met the old-fashioned requirement and b) opened at 11:30pm, i was geeked! did everyone want to take a break from their apron-creating to make a midnight donut run? my vote was YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, baby! the place was full of teenagers playing cards and munching on fattty fried dough. why don't we have a place like this is MY town?! wahhh! i had a peanut-butter frosted doughnut that my hubby would have inhaled, not that i didn't inhale it, because i kind of did.

crab??? looks more like CORAL to me!

and, nope, this picture below isn't related to the doughnut shop but isn't it cute? another old-timey place in their town.  with a rad hand-painted sign. and a BAKERY.


anyhoo, this post is really about the affection for kansas that i discovered on that (crazy) windy saturday of craft weekend. now, i had never been to kansas before and my only preconceived notions involved the wizard of oz (which i love) and tornadoes and rolling fields of wheat. honestly, it's never made it to my "places i must visit" list. but, you know what? i was enchanted by its beauty. by its stark open spaces. by its dry grasses and tumbleweeds. yes, tumbleweeds. i actually, literally squealed when i saw my first tumbleweed. just ask becky. even the weather was screaming, "you're in kansas!", to me with it's warm, wild winds.
saturday of craft weekend is the day all the ladies venture out of the house to go antiquing. kimberlee and meg said that if i thought their town was mayberry-esque, i was in for a treat with the antique shop's town, marion. oh, boy! it was about a half-hour drive through the countryside.

 becky, jill and i rode with kimberlee while meg & the other ladies followed behind in the 15-passenger. now, i live in michigan and have seen my fair share of beautiful farmland with large swaths of crops and barns with silos. but the scale of the kansas countryside just felt different. the grasses were all crunchy brown. the cows looked more "western". random windmills dotted the fields.



upon hearing our windmill glee, kimberlee would slow the van down for us to snap pictures. but then, what was this? coming up ahead? is that an abandoned farmhouse? oh my glory, stop the car! belly-laughing, i flung the minivan slider open and bolted out to capture the unbelievable cool/spooky/eerie/mysterious/awesome house with my phone camera fully expecting becky to do the same.  AND fully expecting meg in the big van to just pass us on by to get to the antique store. but, noooo, becky left me hangin' and lookin' like a fool. and meg pulled over to give everyone in the van a big laugh at megan, apparently telling everyone to get their cameras ready because "megan's skirt is totally going fly up" due to that crazy kansas wind. thanks a lot, people. but it was SO worth it. i was NOT going to let pride keep me from capturing a memory of that place to bring back home with me!
(so happy becky caught the moment with her camera.
it's one of my favorite memories from the whole weekend.)
look at that place. am i the only one who feels like weeping at the sight of something like that? i mean, there was no glass in the windows and you could see the wooden wall lath where the plaster had worn off. it felt so.......dust bowl-ish (i know, i know, wrong state). and adding to the magical moment was the screen to the right of the door that was banging open and closed against the window frame....ghostly.  i guess it's just the history of a place like this that gets me all riled up. wondering what the walls could tell. (call me a rule-breaker but if i was there by myself, i SO would have ventured inside!)

as long as i'm rambling anyways, i'll say that traveling the country in search of places like this.....crumbling bits of history....is a buried dream of mine. it's part of that long wanderlust-y list i keep in my heart.

so, after all that excitement, we got to experience the excitement of the antique shop and then the barn (same owners).  knowing that meg takes the craft weekenders here every month, i was a little dubious that there would be anything left that i would have to have.  especially since i knew it was in such a teeny, tiny, out-of-the-way town to boot.  well, i couldn't have been more wrong!  whoa!  that place was awesome!  becky and several others scored gorgeous quilts.  i added to my collections. i was the last one out of the door and still could have looked longer!  when i try to explain why i love thrifting and antiquing to my husband, i compare it to the rush that he gets from hunting.  i'm hunting, too! (just without the bloodshed.....although i did almost tackle becky to get to that quilt!) :)



those are my "i can't believe i'm finding such great stuff at this place" faces.
her quilt above and my loot below.  i almost always shop for the shop as of late but all of those things are going to stay put here with me. i'll have a bit of rearranging to do and giving away to do but that's half the fun about finding new (old) things that make me smile.
after the antique store, we head over to "the barn", a place that deserves its very own blog post but not when this girl doesn't feel like dragging craft weekend recaps out any longer.  i'm not being dramatic when i say that this place also made me want to weep.  as becky wrote in her blog post, i busted out of the van and disappeared off by myself, carried away like dust in the wind.  completely lost in the beauty i found there.  stark and raw.  words can't express why i find places like these so moving.  i just do!

there were train tracks that went on FOREVER out back.  and a corrugated tin building with clanging pieces dangling from it, pounding the sides in that wind.  i caught up with meg behind that building and we agreed that it even SOUNDED like the wizard of oz. i'm flailing for words here so i'll just let the photos speak for themselves.
(i did eventually catch up with becky again who was off taking her own photos.  we were both laughing, "where did YOU go??!")


































it was incredibly AMAZING to share that experience with someone who completely GOT IT and knew exactly what i was feeling without having to even say it out loud! soul-sisters, that girl and i!

when it came time to leave, our hearts were full and our bags were both 6 pounds overweight.  heehee. (we both managed to shove 6 more pounds into our carry-ons.) our flights left from the same gate (mine much, MUCH later than hers) and we were grateful for a few more minutes together.  goodbye is hard when you live far apart.  but i'm so thankful God knew how much i needed that time and that girl and those other women.  and that He chose to give it all to me.
and that every time we experience love and beauty down here on this earth,
it's just a foretaste of what's to come.
and in all my wanderlust and in my adventures,
i'm really just seeking Him.
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  1. so so so love all of it, Meggie.
    And i am also a sucker for old abandoned buildings! Let's do a roadtrip together and find them! xo

  2. Okay, I knew you were having fun, but I had NO idea you were so giddy. I'm so glad that this fed your heart. Next time we'll take you to the littlest town with thee best cinnamon rolls...oh you will die of happiness from the cuteness of it all.

    1. you couldn't gauge my giddiness by the volume level of my squealing? haha! and, oh, glory....you KNOW i'd be all over that....the town with cinnamon rolls! but something tells me that they couldn't possibly beat yours!

  3. Megan!

    YOU are amazing! - LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures and your heart
    oh and your hair and your chickens!! and the ending to this post? - one word - AMEN!

  4. What a gift of photography you have and capturing the beautiful in the everyday! Seriously girl- you are so great at that! Here in Arkansas we have so many abandoned farms and farm houses. Loving that there are others out there who appreciate the history in that! Have a great day to you!:)

    1. aww, thanks so much, rachel! my photography strategy just involves taking hundreds of pictures to capture that one great one! haha!
      i hope your Thanksgiving is lovely.....and that you see Him in it all!

  5. i love every single picture! It is such an amazing place. All of it. The craft house, the barn, the stores! Especially the people! What a gift to be with people who "get" you! Thanks for sharing your boatload of pictures!!!

    1. and you've experienced it, too....so you KNOW what i'm talking about! :) thanks for not minding how long my posts take to load! haha

  6. LOVE! Your description of thrifting for your husband. My husband would understand that description, too. He's a bird hunter (big game occasionally) and loves the thrill of the hunt even more than coming home with a bag full of birds...of course a bag full of birds (or treasures) is always good, too!

    1. umm, yes....hunting terms are definitely what speaks most clearly to my husband! :)
      thanks for taking the time to write with kind words, steph.

  7. Love, love, love this post Megan! Loved meeting you, and loved that you made my experience at Craft Weekend even better! Hugs!

    1. ditto ali! i enjoyed meeting you, too, you apron-making-speed-demon!
      hope your thanksgiving week is restful.

  8. Love, love, love this post Megan! Loved meeting you and I loved that you made my Craft Weekend experience even better! Hugs!

  9. This post made me laugh... Your point of view of the story of pulling over the vans for photos was too funny! I loved your comparison of hunting for treasures, just without the bloodshed too. Great photos. You really make me wish I would have taken more!

    1. Sorry, Tiffany. I had accidentally clicked "delete" instead of "publish" on our comment. So, I reentered it in myself. :/ Thanks for taking the time to bless me with your words. :)

  10. oh girl you captured the barn and all it's glory beautifully! it was rusty goodness overload! geesh takes me right back. and i can practically taste those donuts. i didn't have a chance to jump out of the van...meg's honkin'...wind is whippin'. that was all you babe. if only it was just us...we would have scoured that place! take me back to kansas...clicking my heels here;)

  11. I'm so glad you found the beauty in Kansas! I know a lot of people just think it's nothing but flat land, but there is really so much beauty in our state! I just found you through Becky at Farmgirl Paints, who I just found through "Whatever"'s craft weekend blog entry. I "pinned" several of your photos, and I'm your newest "follower". :)

  12. What awesome pictures!! What a weekend you must have had:)

  13. Wow! Dying over that house., I could have stay there all day shooting pictures of that bad boy. I love abandoned houses and barns.
    Wish I could save them all. I love your photo of the turquoise hood at least thats what I think it is I would love to have a copy/print of that one for my wall.

  14. Oh, how truly fun! I love your enthusiasm and joy, Megan. And thank you for sharing it with me (us) with all of your photos. Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving!

  15. Just "found" your blog.... and am so envious of all the great places you visited and photographed!!! I would have totally gone into the abandoned house!!! It always makes me so stressed out when I'm with a bunch of people on the road and see amazing things to photograph!! On the one hand I don't want to drive on by on the other I feel bad about making everyone wait... but sometimes it's just worth it!!

    Looking forward to reading/seeing more posts!

  16. You had me at "bakery" -- thanks for sharing this wonderful time. I loved every bit of it.

  17. it is amazing.
    i told you i started to cry the first time i went out there? drama much???
    i wish i was eating cheesecake with you and drinking coffee and going thrifting today...even though nothing is open....i am dreaming so it's all good.

  18. Amazing. Love the title of the post too!

  19. i can't imagine how much fun y'all must have had!! love all that junky treasure.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!