in which i explode your screen with color: whatever craft weekend part I


Do you know what's hard for me? Taking 500 pictures on a trip and then trying to choose which ones to post here! Sheesh! So, ummmm, yeah.....you might want to walk away and let this load while you reheat your morning's coffee.

So, y'all know I was blessed to be a helper at Meg's Craft Weekend last weekend, right? (If you have no idea what Craft Weekend is, head over here for a minute to check out what it's all about!) I've been reading Meg's blog for years. So when I walked up onto this (gorgeous, wrap-around) porch to meet her for the first time.....
....and her first words to me were, "You're short!", I was not surprised in the least! (Plus I get that it's hard to tell what someone really looks like online....she's tall!) :) That's Meg. A straight-shooter (not in a bad way but considerate). Funny & fun-loving. Chill & laid-back. Real. (I LOVE that!) Just like you'd imagine her to be if you'd read her blog for any length of time. Her "voice" online and the things she chooses to blog about are truly her and her heart.
(And I can't post that photo below without saying that I really was overflowing with happiness....it just hadn't made it to my face when the lens clicked...boo.)
That girlie there next to me on your left is Becky if you didn't already know. Man....am I glad God led me to invite her to come with me! We'd never met in real life but were comfortable with each other within the first 5 minutes after I'd stepped off the plane. It's a bit hard to put my finger on.....because I'm not great with words but......we get each other. We had some awesome banter going on. I never felt like I had to hold back or watch my words or put on someone I wasn't. She absolutely cracks me up, she's the friendliest thing you'll ever meet and I am CRAZY THANKFUL that God dropped her into my life! (Now, if she only didn't live 3 states away.....)


THAT was the very best thing about this trip. Not Meg's amazing house. Or the crafts. Or the antiquing. But the people! Meeting women I've known on a screen and also women completely new to me. We are made for relationship and it's so very evident to me when I think back on that weekend. What comes to my mind FIRST are things like laughing until tears with Becky and Ashley's endearing, soft-spoken demeanor and conversations with Kimberlee and Meg. What a gift is was to simply connect.

The tiny-but-mighty cutie on the far right is Ashley.  After Ann, Ashley's blog was just about the first I ever read....and kept on reading. Yes, her home's style and her crafty projects and her beautiful photography have always inspired me. But it's always been that demeanor I talked about that shines through and makes me want to know her more. She says what's on her heart but not more. She's humble, kind, compassionate and thoughtful. And I appreciate that in her. SO, I was over the moon excited to turn her into a real-life friend. She came up just for one night before CW officially started and spending time with her AND Little One who I had prayed for was one of the best things ever. Holding Little One's hands and walking her around the kitchen, just days before she would first walk on her own, was a joy. Thank You, Lord.


And, Kimberlee I only really "knew" from reading all the previous Craft Weekend posts and popping over to her blog a handful of times. I knew ahead of time that she was an amazing cook. I knew she was blonde & adorable. I knew that Meg always spoke highly of her. But, I had no idea how much I would adore her! She's a caretaker.....a person who's concerned about your well-being and makes you feel comfortable immediately. And, ummm...she's hilarious to boot! She spent almost all her time whipping up delicious meals for the ladies and I thoroughly enjoyed helping her out in the kitchen a bit. She pulled her van over so I could snap a photo of an abandoned farmhouse I was dying over.  Because she GETS IT.  I wish we had more time together to talk because I just know she's one wise woman.

So from here on out this post will mostly focus on letting you in on tidbits of what goes on at Craft Weekend and a jazillion photos of the gorgeous, colorful, fun & welcoming home Meg has created. My next post, Lord-willing, will share with you my favorite part of the trip.....besides the people which I already mentioned....which were my favorite part....but, you know what I mean.
Without further adieu, I bring you
THE {fabulous, fantastic} CRAFT HOUSE

(well, WITH further adieu, I must add that Becky and I both felt a bit out-of-body-ish about being in a home we've admired on a screen for so long.  It was like walking around inside your computer screen only beyond so much better than pictures and words can't give it justice.  We were trying really hard to act all cool while our insides were squealing with delight!)
good morning















how FUN is was for me to see where some hoops (& map) from my little shop went to live.  looks to me like they're in good company!







{sorry if you don't like that one above, girls, but i love me an unplanned moment capture. :}









love these of becky.  love that i met someone who takes as many pictures as i do.
and in that photo below, i'm all, "i'm curling my hair in meg duerksen's bedroom. rad."
before the other ladies arrived on friday (you like how i randomly switched to my comfortable uppercase-less typing?), we all went out for lunch in the cute, mayberry-esque downtown and then slipped into a couple of shops. good glory, do the thrift stores ever have CHEAP prices there! i'm talking, i bought most items for a quarter! nice! said items pushed my luggage weight limit over the edge but they didn't mind being stuffed into my carry-on at the last moment. :)
that's SO her ☟.

the whole group of women. each unique and wonderful in their own way.
go slip your name onto the waiting list for a craft weekend. while the list is long, names are chosen by a lottery system via random.org. so, you could be next!!! and if your friend signs up, too, you double your chances of being chosen!

ok, phew....
now that i crashed your computer and almost my own with all these big images,
i'm headed off for a reviving cup of coffee.

we all have so much to be thankful for, yes?
much love,
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  1. Wow! Are there any other words to describe your weekend? And, for the record, I just cried over your words/photos...happy tears because dangit we women ARE made for relationships. What a blessing it has been to find your blog via Becky. :) You ladies are amazing!

    1. aww, that's so sweet, rachel. yes, we need each other. and by His grace, He provides those relationships starting with Himself.

  2. I'm so glad that you had a wonderful, blessed time. I loved living through your IG photos last weekend. Lovely photos. Hoping one day I will have the chance to go. Can't believe you got things for a quarter! I can't tell you the last time that I paid a quarter for anything!!! :)

    1. tammy, you WILL have a chance someday. you WILL! and we'll meet, as well. yes, i was bemused at that thrift store (which i didn't take pictures in).....almost everything .50 or .25 or 1.00 at the most. i bought a cute smokey bear wooden ruler for a dime. :)

    2. awww. {Internet squeeze!}

  3. Yay, love this! So happy to have met you and to follow along on your blog now :) Your pics are awesome, love seeing everyone's different perspectives and angles. Wish we could all go again, it passed too quickly, i'm still processing it all!

  4. I can't even imagine how amazing that weekend was!!!! That home is gorgeous, all of the fun and the color and the love!!! What a blessing!! Thanks for the great pics!!!!!

  5. I adore your pics! You really captured the house and US perfectly! Love that one with your special mug in it. So.much.fun! Can we go back?

  6. I wish I could've been there with you girls. You both just "captured" that house beautifully. Its an amazing home. I wish the Duerksens still lived there though:)

  7. Beautiful! Amazing! Wish I could go! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. I look at your photos and it still doesn't even feel real that we were just there one week ago. What a wonderful time! It was fun to read your point of view of the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  9. fab-u-lous. oh friend, that eye candy above has me grinning. thrilled for you and those relationships. what joy! xoxo

  10. You are coming back someday, aren't you?
    Pretty please.

  11. Spunky & Adorable you are... I loved having the chance to meet you & hang out with you for a weekend. You are Amazing! You opened my eyes to a new way looking at life.
    Thanks, you're a peach!

  12. Amazing photos - and an amazing weekend. I feel so blessed to have met you, Becky, Meg, Kimberlee and all the other fabulous ladies at Craft Weekend. Thank you for sharing your kind spirit and some great craft ideas with us. You truly changed my way of approaching thrift and antique stores. I can't wait to get out and hunt for little treasures to repurpose in my home!

  13. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe my feelings! I can't tell you how many times I said "Wow." as I was looking at these, and Becky's, and Megs...What an amazing time. I want that house! I want you guys as friends! And now that I know about Craft Weekend, I want to go! Alas, it would have to be a miracle, since I live in South America! Oh, well. At least I can glean bucket loads of inspiration from all of the photos/blogs! Blessings to all of your creative souls.

  14. So amazing. Your hoops are perfect there! Love it!

  15. You summed up exactly how I know I will feel when my name gets chosen for this amazing craft weekend! I have read her blog for years and drooled over her amazing house! And in one of you pics from the kitchen I spied the pretty rainbow coffee mugs stacked up near the coffee pot- I sent her those:) I bet that was like seeing your awesome hoop art! Oh Megan! Thank you for showing craft weekend with your pictures ands words like nobody else has. I heart you friend! Happy Sunday!

  16. well....i will be borrowing pictures from you for my house website thankyouverymuch. :)
    i loved meeting you megan. i can't wait to have you back. i loved sharing my favorite stores with you. i love it when someone truly loves to thrift and junk. thank you for bringing your craft projects too. SO FUN.
    i am so grateful you came.
    and love ALL your pics.

  17. really really love all of your photos. You did not share too much! I am hoping for more....
    I love seeing your flip flop/sandal feet in the photos. :D
    I am so glad you had a wonderful time! Isn't it so great to connect with women who *know* you!!!! a little slice of heaven....
    And i'm still ever so tiniest bit jealous I didn't get to spend time with you....miss you and love you!

  18. What an amazing weekend! You guys look like you had a blast!

  19. wow so jealous her craft weekend is on my bucket list !!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!