french-pressed and strong

a cup o' joe always follows me around. {is any time not coffee time?  not for me!}
on busier days, it cools and gets reheated over and over.
but on sundays, i may even get a mug finished while it's still lukewarm.  woohoo!
i really, really love sundays.
thank You, Lord, for setting the example of rest for us.

because tomorrow it's back to work!

{that's meg's mug.  the one i always chose for my copious cups of coffee. i miss it.}
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  1. I'm not good at resting...ever. Sundays seem to be the day I squeeze in a lot...shame on me. Need to respect that.

  2. ummm.... so sometimes when i'm cooking dinner.... i find a mug with coffee in it in the microwave. just me?

  3. ahhh...I think you keep reading my mind Megan...laid back lazy Sunday's & coffee.
    the *BEST*

  4. I've been known to reheat my cup 2 or 3 times before it's completely finished.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!