flea with friends

so, it wasn't acutally a flea market but an antique market. much fancier, i know. ha. a once-a-month show may through september about an hour south of me.
i hit it up last week with two longtime friends (like sisters).
so much fun.
(mindy can not help but give fish lips for pics.  seriously. e.v.e.r.y. time.  love you, minds!)

we quickly became obsessed searching for names through the multitude of blue collar name patches. harry, rosie, edna. we found (almost) everyone in tammy's family. spent wayyyy too long there. #couldntstop
tammy (on left) was furnishing her basement and husband's office.  she scored big time within the first 5 minutes.  i love shopping vicariously through others!
you can't tell from the photo below but that divided shelf thing was bright, golden yellow metal on barnwood legs.  so cool to hold all her art supplies.
and that upside-down coffee table spins!  we thought it would be perfect for board games.  she'll paint it bright yellow.
{we heart yellow!}
people are always thankful for my husband's old-faithful pickup truck at times like these. and we were thankful for the nice stranger with ratchet-strap knowledge that battened down the hatches for us! noticed later that tammy had to straddle the hitch to get in the shot...oops. {heehee, snicker}

stacking all my treasures together for a photo, i realized that i seem to gravitate towards wall decor. yikes.
i've started rearranging things today but haven't gotten very far. i need to head out and buy some of those magical 3M velcro hanging strips first.

p.s. thanks so much for all y'all's support during my shop restock. phew. i think i've finally realized the error of my ways. no more stocking up and listing all at once! it takes it out of me! a sore throat kept me up last night as i've definitely not been taking care of myself. i'll be listing things every week from now on. yep, that's the way to go.
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  1. What a great haul! Love that you can go and do this with such good friends!

  2. I found something for you today! You have to send me your address :)

  3. Oh, the envy! Girl, I LOVE that wacko bin of name patches, even though some of them aren't really vintage... I don't hold it against them.

    Next Summer, you and me, Babe. It GOTS to happen.

  4. that is the jack-pot of all flea markets! seriously cool stuff.

  5. holy fun city!

    what can i say? i like to rearrange! :)

  6. look at all that LOVELINESS!!


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