bullet, errrr, arrow wednesday


hey there.
how are you?
well? good!
things are good on our homefront.
i'm in a bullet-pointy mood.....

➔ school is chugging along. book-wise and everyday-life-learning-wise. they're learning how to cook some things on their own. i'm making sure they know how to write a proper address. how to clean a toilet and the windows inside and out. how to prioritize their time. things they're really going to need to know, you know?

shop work gets done when the kids are finished and the kitchen is clean & laundry is rolling. i'm sure you're that way, too, right? my brain can't function to its fullest when there's a messy kitchen & sink-full of dishes!

➔ packaging orders takes me FORever! finding (& sometimes engineering!) the perfect size boxes, wrapping, thank-you notes and packaging pretties, cushioning, taping, kraft-papering, addressing, stamping, and post office drops. phew! i'm definitely not complaining. it sounds weird to my ears to call it "work" but i think i can safely say, i love my work!


➔ carving out time for baking has never been an issue for me, haha. {NOT eating the dough IS an issue for me, though.} this pic is butter being browned for our new favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. i've tried the famed new york times recipe that dominates pinterest but i much prefer these browned butter and fleur de sel (that's sea salt to you & me) chocolate chip cookies i found via pinterest over at picky palate. browning the butter just gives them an unbeatable nutty taste. the kids all agree!  mmmmmmm.

➔ that said, ahem....i'm trying not to eat much sugar right now. notice i didn't say ANY sugar right now knowing that i can't have coffee without a least a BIT of sweet in it.

➔ happily, thrifting has been amazing for me lately! a friend recently asked me how i decide what to keep and what to sell. i answered that i sell most everything i find at thrift stores or use it to make something to sell. but for an item to make the cut to live with us it has to be something very special, something that will make us (or me) smile. the thrifted things i sell make me smile, too, because i don't sell anything i wouldn't like in my own house but i AM very realistic about the amount of space i have. if i keep something for our home, then other things MUST go out.

➔ the long floral crewel wall hanging made the cut because it was so cheery. i know i'll smile whenever i see it by the font door.
➔ the kids and i made a quick road trip to visit my parents and family last week....
{hi from the road after making our usual coffee-n-bakery pit stop}
➔ ....and after my dad, firstborn and i got our morning coffee from the so-much-better-than-starbucks-local-coffee-place.....
➔ ...my kind dad and son let me make a stop at the local goodwill.  you thrifters will appreciate what i'm talking about.  take a gander at how wonderfully clean and big their store is!  is yours like that?! because the ones by me certainly are NOT the all-kinds-of-awesome that that one was!

➔ my dad snapped some pictures of me being a crazed-dork. i actually squealed and clapped my hands when i came across treasure after treasure. halfway down the first row i had my patient firstborn go get a cart. mama meant business!
➔ this former family heirloom was just WAITING to be rescued from the rack at saver's (a thrift store i hadn't even ever HEARD of which was huuuuuuge). look....maude baughman worked her heart out on that afghan, signed her work, dated it 1936-37 and it ended up in MY hands. megan to the rescue!

➔ and, finally, on our way back to michigan, my ever-loving kids gave me the OK to stop at one more saver's which ended up being chock-full of more happy linens waiting to be rescued!  see now, that bottom thing is a quilted comforter and since it makes me smile, it JUST might make the cut to live with us.
ok, i'm bulleted out. well....maybe a few more.
➔ i'm trying my darndest to get map prints in the shop by tonight
➔ but don't hold me to that
➔ fyi, i like arrows not bullets
➔ happy wednesday! xo
➸ megan
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  1. girl we would have so much fun hanging out. thrifting is in my blood. my momma took me as a little girl...and back then it drove me nuts. little did i know what a genius she was. there are gobs of good thrifting here. GOBS!

  2. how wonderful that your dad took you thrifting!
    whoa! my hubby doesn't even like to, but he loves me, so he does. :)
    love all of your treasures and i know what you mean about too much stuff!
    it's so tempting to keep, but one can only have so much. :)
    like me. my house is full! :)
    have a great week!!!

  3. I see a package with my Oregon address on it!
    Yay! I can't wait!!

  4. ahhh, that afghan!! doesn't it make you feel good to know you saved it? : ) it always makes me a bit sad to know that her family did not make sure to keep that in the family though. that thrift store looks amazing! that is my dream kind of day right there.

    and yes, the packaging?!
    forever. forever! and i really hate it when i am completely ready to start and i realize i do nOT having one of the boxes in the size i need.

  5. I am SO glad that you rescued Maude's blanket! Somehow I just know she would be really pleased!:) Loving this blog post girl, like all your others. Was browsing some old recipes you posted and have decided to make chicken pot pie tonight- from scratch! My parents used to eat the frozen ones- woof! So hoping the homemade will be delish!
    And if my Goodwill looked like that Goodwill, we would be broke. End of story! Ha!

  6. I've learned to just grab a cart from the get go!!! Easier than trying to balance those breakables! And you're dad is a good man to even go INSIDE with you!!! You are a busy sparrow! love the updates! And I DO appreciate your answer regarding how you decide what to list and what to keep!

  7. You have a very fun blog! I am now following you via email!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!