be thou my vision

when my list is way too long
and i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the never-endingness of it all,
i'm pausing to breathe out gratitude.
a way to refocus my eyes on Him.

simply thanks today....

#1,428 - 1,451

a golden view out back
awakening to a new day warm and bright with the sun
siblings who work on a puzzle together and moments of peace in their relationship
pumpkin carving and connection with friends
a furry companion who chases after sparkles of light that come across her path {she makes us laugh every day}
virtual friends made real this weekend, a double-date, laughter and connection
how You, Lord, can use an iphone to bring real and enriching relationships into our lives....crazy amazing!
her 6-year-old handwriting and spelling and spontaneous painting gifts
satisfaction after a hard day's work
a jar of hot chocolate mix on the counter and happy children
cozied into a friend's house late and conversation that could go on forever
littlest one's glee over her very first sleepover at said friend's house
lego creations scattered all over the house that i'll surely look back on with longing
strong coffee french-pressed & warming my hand
sharing the gift of rejoicing in other's gifts from You!
his soccer season DONE :)
busy cleaning but saying yes to his, "stop what you're doing and come quadding with me right now", and remembering that sometimes yes is the best answer {especially when he loves it when i "redneck it up" with him}
future dreams You plant
speaking to me through others, furious note-taking, wisdom to come back to
cookies hot from the oven
day-after-day eggs waiting for us
when the firstborn asks for advice
reading aloud with them and "please, just one more chapter!"
knowing that You go with

what are some simple things that you can see are a gift from Him today?

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  1. such beautiful gifts!! it's amazing how He works through messes and busyness and uses technology to connect hearts and lives!!!

  2. Your gratefuls are perfect. I can feel your heart friend...there is always so much if we just take the time to pay attention. Still can't believe you have chickens..

  3. do share more about the wisdom and furious note-taking? glad for all the relationships that are feeding your soul :)

  4. this was just lovely, even without all the pics you usually post (LOVE) it's beautiful to hear your blessings!
    a gift from Him today for me was a little quiet time to clean/pray/reflect about parenting/homeschool biz. so needed. have a blessed day!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!