"i am sure that the One who began a good work in you will carry it on until it is completed."
philippians 1:6 {NIrV}
somebody around these parts celebrated a special day over the weekend. a certain little girl turned six. she seems so much older to me that i think i've been telling people she's six for six months already.

i love sweet six. i love her!
does she mind that mama wraps presents in pillowcases? nope!
since we weren't having her family party until sunday, i gave her some "morning" and "evening" presents to open on the day of her actual birthday.
{did you know i'm not a big friend-party kind of mom?  we prefer laid-back celebrations with family and maybe one or two friends.)


i had picked up these vintage books and doll at an antique mall long ago.  she was so thrilled with that doll.  we can't decide what country she looks to be from.  ukraine??  as you'll see, charlotte (as she named her) got to spend the whole day with the birthday girl. :)

we went out to lunch at our (well, mommy's) favorite restaurant with both of the grandmas and my mom's bff.  there's not much better than a good restaurant with a sailboat view.
"mommy, it's SOOO bright! can i please wear your sunglasses?"
man alive, did i get a vision of her in ten years when she had those things on!
yikes!  16 or 6?
while waiting on our food, she posed charlotte all over the patio and snapped away.
"girlie, come sit down. your food is here." "ohhhh, just a few more pictures?!"
then it was a stroll around the village {mommy's hometown}, an ice cream cone for her and lattes for the grown-ups.



sunday we celebrated her birthday with the rest of the family and her cutie friend from across the street. her food request? swedish pancakes.  perfect for using up our overflowing egg supply!  we also had a savory overnight casserole, sausages, & fresh berries.
{sorry if the recap is boring to you but i like to have a record of what birthdays look like to help forgetful-me to remember!}
this unfortunately is the closest we can come to having a duckling.  or a newborn penguin for that matter.  the goldendoodle is WAY too interested in those quacking and squeaking fuzzy things.  stay away, winnie!

happy birthday, baby.

"grow in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 
get to know him better.
give him glory both now and forever."
1 peter 3:18 {NIrV}

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  1. What a wonderful celebration!!! Happy Birthday to your sweet 6! I can see where she gets her good looks and style from!

  2. Happy Birthday to her! She is just beautiful! Was her birthday on Sunday? If so, she is my birthday twin! Only, gulp, I am 30 years older than her! Looks like a lovely birthday weekend!

  3. happy birthday to your sweet six year old. I have a sweet six year old going on 16 year old too! How do you do your daughter's hair? It's so pretty! My daughter would love that - although i don't know if it will hold in her hair. Plus, I just don't do hair...so not sure about my skillz.

  4. Gosh Megan...Lucy girl is so beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  5. she is a complete doll...a little mini-YOU! love that you had alone time. that's so precious. happy birthday to you sweet girl.

  6. I just love that darling girl of yours! She is so sweet! And even though I don't know you guys in real life, I feel so much like I do thru your real posts and pictures! And that pic of her with the sunglasses?! So cute! She is going to be a knockout just like her mama:)
    Happy Belated birthday Lucy girl!

  7. I'm totally crazy about that sweet, adorable girl of yours! I loved her expression when she was holding the doll and books you gave her. And the pillow case as wrapping paper, GENIOUS!
    Have I mentioned to you lately how much I love you and your blog? Is it possible to say that without sounding major scary? Haha!
    Happy belated birthday Lucy girl! Looks like you had a great day!

  8. Precious girl! Happy Birthday, Lucy! She looks so much like you. And you're right- these days are fleeting. Before you know it she really will be 16!

  9. What a wonderful birthday celebration. It looks like she had a perfect day! I love the vintage doll and the books. I recognize them from my childhood! Oh, no, I am vintage. I agree with a family birthday with a friend or two. That is perfect and makes for more meaningful memories! Good for you. And I love your doodle. :)

  10. Happy Birthday to Lucy! She is beautiful, she reminds me so much of my Janie...

  11. what a precious memory.
    your daughter is very beautiful...like her mama. ;)
    we're not big friend party people, either.
    low key and family is how we like it, too.
    happy birthday to your precious jewel.

  12. so special. And she does look so much like her beautiful mama. Doesn't it shock you when you see the grown woman peep out from those six year old eyes now and then? :)

    You make these things so special. Good job momma.


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