not pinnable? what?

FYI: it came to my attention yesterday that people have not been able to pin my photos to pinterest.  what in the world?  using google to figure out the issue, i realized that it was due to flickr, the site where i upload ALL my photos.  after monkeying with my flickr settings, i do believe photos are pinnable now. if you use flickr and especially if you normally set all your photos to "private", you might want to check into that.
(thanks go to this blog post for helping me figure things out!)

the end.

(random, unrelated photo)
butter in the bathroom
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  1. Oh, I am so glad to hear that your photos are now pinnable! I love your vintage & artful style so much! xoxo

  2. Yes, there are several blogs that I always want to pin and it always says "sorry" blah blah blah. Under the Sycamore is now that way too...and Ann's.

  3. I just tried pinning your blue and colorful room but no photos come up in pinterest to pin when I put the link in. :(


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