craving time for....

or knitting.
or crocheting.
something about the fallish weather has got me itching to have a needle and thread or some chunky yarn in my hands.

i gasped out loud when i saw this embroidery pattern on my friend aimee's instagram feed the other day.   i heart pumpkin spice latte?  with a SMILEY FACE PUMPKIN?  oh my cuteness.  i can't wait to stitch this up!  

another pattern i've wanted to stitch up for way too long is this little birdie by geninne zlatkis.  (you remember, geninne, yes? one of my very favorite artists.)  the pattern is a free image on the sidebar of her blog.

lastly, i just ordered the blank pendant to make one of these.  although i've never cross-stitched before, i'm pretty confident i can figure it out.  here's the blog post over @good knits with resource links.

that's it for today.  

p.s. the next big shop update is coming
October 1
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  1. These are all arts I wish I could do! Your necklace will be lovely and that pumpkin latte hoop is adorable.

  2. You girls and your coffees crack. me. up. I have never seen so much Starbucks love - even in Portland. :)

  3. my daughter is going to love that hoop!
    so cute! :)

  4. I'm in dire need of some stitchery tutorials from YOU. Or, you know, we could skip the needles and sit and gab...

  5. I wish I could do more of these! I can cross stitch, though, and love it!! That pendant is too cute!


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