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"what i did this weekend" :)
sunday color
happy monday all y'all. {oh, how this northerner loves to use y'all!} i hope your weekend was all kinds of awesome. was it?
mine was! a day of relaxing and laundry on friday after we had picked the campers up that morning. i love hearing their stories, especially the excited ones over all that happened during the chapel services. yay camp!
saturday was my last day of working for the florist for quite a while which is a relief. being away from my family on sunny saturdays kind of stinks.
saturday's wedding
the big catholic cathedral is so beautiful.
at the public museum
the kids' favorite babysitter came and he and I were up late celebrating my friend's 40th birthday saturday night. SO.MUCH.FUN.
and then a sunday sabbath of late-service and rest. all day. something i rarely do but was apparently very needed. #inevernap
be still
i'm thankful to have another week of organizing and planning before we officially kick off our school year. VERY thankful. crazy thankful! :)
it's totally unrelated but look at these funny finds from last week. isn't that the truth? haha.
vintage embroidery
and this one is needed around these parts. :)
another funny one
(incidentally, they'll both be in the etsy shop at some point. i have SO many great things to list but the school planning, etc. has to come first. i'll post a little teaser before the next shop update.)

counting out my thanks this monday
#1.396 - 1,404

"my favorite part of camp was either the water slide or chapel, mom."
a fabulous friend and 40th party and everyone in the pool fully clothed :)
front porch nap
friendly & unexpected emails
clay and markers and crayons and paper spread across the table and their creations everywhere
happy snail mail
still summer

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  1. What a great weekend! We went to the 150th anniversary display of the 2nd Battle of Manassas. For my history buff hubby is was a blast and everyone else loved it too! happy school planning!


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