monday morning

did y'all have a lovely weekend?
the temp dropped yesterday and the wind and puffy clouds and sun felt glorious! and then this morning holds a hint of fall in the air. every single window is slung wide open and it feels SO great to let the breezes freshen up the house. {at least until it gets hot later today.} 

 the fallish feeling makes me anxious about planning out school. i'm so desiring to have a firm plan and schedule worked out this month that it makes my stomach hurt. "if i just didn't need to sleep" is what i keep telling my husband. {please say a prayer for me, would you, kind friends? that i would be able to discern the best for these three kids and that i'd find more hours in my day? thank you.}

so in keeping the finding more hours in my day thing, today's photos are just a few of my favorite nature shots that i dug up from my photo stream. nope, they have nothing to do with my words. :)

i wanted to continue on with counting my gifts from Him here today. gratitude changes my vision. it turns me to Him.
#1,375 - 1,395
warm blue-green lake water on a blazing hot day
saying YES to kneeboarding
sore back means tired old muscles will be a little bit stronger next time
her tiny tan swimsuited buns :)
cucumber spiral
still-little boy's morning hugs
sherbet shock of color in the garden
a floor vacuumed by someone other than me
a husband who serves and protects
tree swallow pair
juicy sweet heirloom tomatoes hot from the garden
and the tang of balsamic and burn of fresh garlic in the bruschetta
dreaming about the plans You, Lord, may have for us
confidence in Your Word
...and coppery clear wings
glowingly-yellow birds singing on the porch
words shared with friends
work that satisfies
a fluffy companion who makes us laugh
cupboards with food
creativity and resourcefulness
our health, strong bodies to carry us
confidence that it's a happy day no mater the circumstances

and this memory of my girl three years ago that captured her perfectly (and cracks me up)

may you see Him in all your comings and goings today
and be glad of it!

much love,

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  1. I'm feeling that clench in my stomach too. The more kids that are added into our school year, the more I want things to be straight-forward, and they are usually anything but.

    But at the same time, I'm feeling much more contented and at peace with homeschooling, and know that, somehow, we'll find a path.

    Love that pic of your littlest! I have a similar pic of L that I love.

  2. a wondrful list of thankfulness and awesome snapshots. Love ut!!! Mica @ The Child's Paper

  3. amen!
    and i could've written that first paragraph.
    it'll be easy for me to remember to pray for you, because i feel the EXACT same way.
    my mind keeps going back to it, but i'm just not finding the time quite yet. He's gently nudging me. ;)
    Lord, help us!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!