fun for all the boys and girls

they're off to church camp. for 51 weeks they'd been looking forward to it. i love that they love camp!
i should know by now that i'll get shoulder-squeezing when i ask for them to "act like you love each other". ha.
God bless their counselors.

when the boys are away, the girl gets to play. :)
we thrifted her a special treasure.....a granny-dressed dolly that stared at me the entire trip home. :/
and THIS girl gets to play!
feelin' sassy
it's what i asked for my birthday gift. what i ask for every year. a day to myself. this year my bestie came with for a day of good eating and thrifting and laughing.

aren't those towels awesome?  that was our plan....no calorie-counting on girls' day out!
that was our plan!
i found a desk to match my skirt.  haha.
eeeek, scariest thrift store items ever!
run away from doll heads that stare!
my friend is working on filling up her newly-aquired booth at a nearby antique mall and i'm always searching out treasures for the etsy shop so thrifting together was all good because she was looking for big things and i, small. we headed over to a cute town near the lakeshore and filled up the truck after only 4 stops. really filled it. as in, we had to puzzle-piece it all together, laughing all the way.
the weather was absolutely perfect with all the humidity blown out of the air, so we enjoyed a lovely, leisurely lunch al fresco.
we arrived home at night aglow yet exhausted in the best possible way by a day that was a gift, our emotional tanks filled to overflowing.  prioritizing friend bonding time always blesses!
call your bff today! :)

and now today and tomorrow i'll be chugging away on getting all prepared for homeschooling to start back up again.  oh, Lord, increase the hours!
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  1. Hope your boys have a blast! And what a bunch of great loot!

  2. I have the "count memories" print in my kitchen. love them.


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