bountiful: the annual food show booth

my life for three days two weeks ago. that food show booth that i design/do for my best family-friend sure keeps me on my toes every year. (you remember our best friends that i mentioned on our florida trip this year, right?)

year # 3 and 3 booths wide. (year 2 was 2 wide, year 1 was 1 wide.....i see a pattern here.) over 30' feet to fill with produce. oy. thankfully, we were able to borrow this awesome 1952 truck and it took up a lot of space anchored the entire display.
i had sort of an abundant picnic theme going on. my favorite part was the sod. messy but so worth it. a picnic on cement just wouldn't have been the same!









a big shout-out goes to my hubbie for making my vision of "trees like it's a park" possible. and to my boys for their hard work on produce day. to my bff, lisa, for letting me use her rad vintage cooler. also to my bestie, tammy, wife of gary the broker, who helps me come up with the concept and is always ever-so irreplaceable on veggie-staging day! i told tammy to get her creative juices flowing for next year's booth which will probably be 50' long at the rate we're going. i'm plumb out of ideas! well, not really....that brain is always churning away.
it turned out that at the fancy dinner thing the night before the show, our booth from last year was awarded booth of the year. woot-woot! and the show head honchos surprised the company with a big photo canvas and photo book. pretty cool.

to end on a sweet note, just look at this push-up pop of heavenly goodness! food show=samples=glee!
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  1. Was there any doubt that you would do a fabulous job? None of us think so. It is full of charm! Oh, and I like your friends name. ;) It's just gorgeous. I really want that truck!

  2. wow! congrats on the award - well earned. wonderful how your hands have the talent of expressing the beauty, abundance, and gift of God's creation as well as his faithfulness to meet our food needs with tasty, colorful, and flavorful food. love me a blue truck!

  3. I lurrrrve this. What a fabulous job you did! And congrats on the award, too!

    I just want one particle of your color sense. The way you mix things blows my mind pretty much every time.

  4. What a fantastic display! Congrats on that award too! Maybe THAT'S gonna be a pattern too!

  5. Oh, you did an outstanding job! Love this!

  6. you did a really great job!
    love it!!!

  7. this is so cool, i l love the truck and the lawn chairs and the cooler--so fun. i am not surprised that your booth would win, i was just thinking you had to have had the most creative one there. your creativity is seriously inspiring, megan!!

  8. it really was absolutely beautiful.


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