a whole lotta nothin' feels a whole lotta good

10 days since my last post? wow. that stinks. i feel a bit like i've lost my blogging mojo. and i know it comes from an overcommitted summer. this past monday was my last mental hump of the summer.....my last commitment and it is AWESOME to concentrate solely on home and family and cooking and caring well again. {and also leisurely plugging away on sparrow mercantile things.} i do not do well with too many commitments! if the opposite of thriving is stressed and stretched and crabby, then i'm definitely not someone who thrives on running here, there & everywhere or having to be places at set times. give me home with windows open and i'm one happy cat. for me right now, staying home and organizing and talking with the kids and thinking about planning school sounds like bliss.
how i spent my birthday
i spent my birthday day doing the kind of running around that i DO enjoy! birthday treats for everyone at the bakery, "you may get whatever you want today, kids", coffee, thrift store, two different parks and playgrounds, a happy mr. meringue cookie, a 5-minute-in-and-out trip to renew my driver's license {a birthday miracle indeed! thank You, Lord!}
ok, this random picture wasn't from that day but just in case you were ever confused by "fancy coffee",
be educated....
in case you didn't know
anyhoo, that last commitment i had made was to have a table of things to sell at my church's ladies' fun night. i truly never would have volunteered to do such a thing on my own but had said yes when i was asked. a bit of sparrow mercantile in real life.
sparrow mercantile in real life
i worked hard the whole week prior, getting things ready late into the nights. i texted my friend the night before moaning, "i'm so not cut out for this craft-showy type thing. i'm just.so.tired!" and then {you my have seen on instagram}, i had a bit of a panic after i was all set up and surrounded by other tables filled with home-party type businesses, you know the ones i'm talking about. while i'm very confident in my own taste and style and liking what i like, i had a moment of realization that many, if not MOST, people there that night would not share my taste, would not "get" my style. my anxiety didn't last long though. my phone kept lighting up with calming words of encouragement, an outpouring really. if you were one of them, thank you

 i sold a few things and was pleased that there would be lots of stuff to put into the etsy shop! my bff came and sat with me and we talked and laughed and it was all good. being the party animal mamas that we are, we even went out afterwards for some fattening late-night appetizers and more laughter. {can you say, slaphappy?} i was SO beyond relieved to have every big summer project done that i left all the stuff crammed into my truck for two days before i even thought about unloading it. i would say i didn't leave the house but i DID have to get groceries.....for ALL the cooking I was looking forward to doing!
to market, to market
the heirlooms finally turned away from their stubborn green state.
ready to roast
tomatoes were roasted for the soup i was craving, "fire roasted garlic and tomato soup". i will say that it was not my favorite version of tomato soup. i mean, i'll definitely eat it all but i've had better. one version i made last year was sooooo good. i'll have to dig up the recipe somewhere on the great world wide webs. :)
ready for soup
you know what i think is the best thing to do on a nowhere-to-go august day? sit in the grass in your lounge-y clothes and throw the frisbee to a grateful & energetic dog. 
"come out and join us, kids!"
throwin' the frisbee

"it's gorgeous outside today!"
{by the way, look at how my simple phone camera picked up the sun's amazing array of color that God created!!!  awesome.}
rainbow rays

"uh-oh, which one of you got into mommy's spray paint?"
"it sure is pretty, though."
and since i'm rambling anyways, i'll add that i've been working for the florist quite a bit this month, as well. every saturday. last week, we set up a wedding at the art museum downtown and as the stormy skies rolled away and the sun shone through those windows, my stomach hurt with the ache of wanting to be home and outside with my family. which is what i did the very minute i got home. front porch, punch, {overdue} library book, kids squealing nearby, BLISS!!!
art museum
and as i upload that photo, i notice the book's title and try not to think about what it might be saying to me. something about the kids being young for such a very fleeting time.......
"LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
remind me that my days are numbered -- how fleeting my life is."
psalm 39:4
oh, i'm way too tired to get into that today. :)
sittin' a spell
in fact, i must bid you adieu and get on with doing a whole lotta nothin'.
may you be blessed in your coming and going and staying this weekend.
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  1. I just love how ethereal your pictures are. Love.

  2. Over commitment and I don't do well either. I would have gobbled up your booth. I'm not a fan of shows either. Your space was gorgeous!

  3. Welcome back home :) I love to go, because I love to come back home. Thankful to God for this gift of time with the littles before they head out their own way!

  4. sooo… just perusing your blog this fine saturday morning. those joy to the world prints!!?! can i buy one ?!?!


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