8-8-75 and things i like as of 8-8-12

a couple of months ago, my friend, tonia, shared a list of 41 things she "likes now" on her 41st birthday...."likes now" as opposed to what her interests were at 21.  the curious-cat part of me finds those type of lists ever so interesting & fun and i remember how tonia's list intrigued me and how i smiled big at her heart.

as today is my 37th birthday and for kicks, i thought i'd follow wise tonia's lead and make my own little list of things i like.  maybe we have some interests in common? :)  is it cheating if i share these photos of things i like first? no, it's not? well, yay!



i heart thrift stores



first to ripen

i heart coffee




praline french toast casserole

{my faith and family are a given so that's why they didn't make the list!}

1. tinny-sounding old-time radio shows of all kinds
2. angry thunderstorms from the front porch
3. a strong Cuban coffee, thick and a tiny bit sweet
4. ceiling fan breeze
5. granny-run, old-fashioned bakeries
6. musty antique malls
7. people that KNOW me and take me anyways
8. harvesting food
9. flip-flops until it snows
10. sharp, shiny sewing scissors
11. movies that make me cry
12. fresh gnocchi with pesto cream
13. documentaries of all sorts, learning something new
14. meeting online/long-distance friends in real life
15. previews at the movie theater
16. driving by myself with the windows down
17. hunting for treasure at thrift stores
18. boating and quad-ing and snowmobiling and bike-riding and going fast
19. quiet mornings
20. bustling farmers' markets
21. laid-back people
22. stark white farmhouses
23. craigslist
24. a thriving, small town within walking distance (something i don't have right now)
25. eating out! trying new food.
26. yet also cooking and baking and serving my family well
27. freshly clean sheets
28. flight take-off and anticipation
29. checking projects off the mental list
30. the world of laura ingalls wilder
31. a prairie home companion and saturday npr
32. a day to myself
33. a weekend with no plans
34. the ramona quimby books
35. old-timer farmers with overalls and john deere caps and rough hands
36. the quickening of the Holy Spirit
37. optimism for tomorrow

ohhhhh, my list could go on and on and on.  my fingers are itching but 37 it is this year.
i can't
seaside towns, hanging moss, screech owls, gravel roads, reminiscing, perfect spelling....
ok, ok, i'll stop!}

what's on your list?
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  1. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Megan. Happy birthday to you!"

    I hope it is lovely and that you receive many quiet moments today feeling the Lord's presence and are able to enjoy many sips of fresh, strong coffee.

    Love your list! A few of mine would be...

    Strong, fresh cuban coffee. Whole bean please with 1/2 and 1/2. No sugar.

    Sea salt chocolate. Oh, how I love thee.

    The quiet morning when the children are all asleep.

    Reflective days. When I declare that we will have a day of quiet and I turn on music and you must read or create quietly. Those are the best when it is raining.

    New ideas with a fresh new pretty notepad.

    The sweet smiles from my Emme.

    Antiquing and being able to go to a store and just "look around" without chasing after everyone. It's bliss.

    Finding old treasure and bringing them home to find that they fit perfectly just like I thought they would.

    Old Hymns. They are good for my soul.

    Seeing things that remind me of my grandparents. Oh, how I loved them.

    History. Learning, Pondering on it. Soaking it in and the excitement of sharing it with my children.

    Creating. It is few and far between these days but I love it so.

    Good company. Sharing a day with one of my very wise friends. Gleaning from her wisdom of raising four boys feeds my soul and helps me to find the Joy in it.

    Visits from my parents. I miss them since I've moved away.

    I think that about does it for me.

    Happy birthday again.

    Love counting my blessings. Helps me to see Him a little more clearly in it all.

  2. happy birthday, girlie!
    hope you day is filled with His goodness and blessing!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet Megan!

    I love your list...so many I am nodding my head at and smiling.

    My only beef is with #2. It has to be the right kind of storm- not too angry. Around here an angry storm means lots of trees down and no power or water! LOL. So my #2 would be a gentle thunderstorm.

    I love good cuban coffee too. May you have a blessed day!

  4. Hope you have the best day today! Loved your list and your beautiful photos!

  5. A lovely list indeed, Megan! So many mutual "likes"! I turned 40 this year and it would have been so fun to make such a list. Hmmmm....maybe I still will! You've inspired me!

  6. Oh, happy, happy birthday friend!!! What a beautiful day to be born. I love your list. I love it! (Going fast? Oh dear. Not me. I like leisurely things like canoe rides and bicycles with baskets loaded with wildflowers. *smile*) And you must tell me about Cuban coffee. Please?

    Hope your day was marvelously marvelous.

    You are a treasure.

  7. I love your list!

    And that jam looks delicious.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!