a perfect summer day

hello there!!!
are you having a lovely day?
can you believe that summer is at its halfway point?
i'm trying not to focus on how it's flying by but rather be grateful for having a full half yet to go. :)

gassin' up and headin' to the beach
{gassin' up the truck at costco in the photo above.  and, uh, it's embarrassing to me that you might think i'm trying to look ironic when, in fact, i was talking to the kids when i snapped the photo. ;) }

after church yesterday we went to the beach. not to to our usual favored spot but to a beach further away that holds sweet memories for me. it's the kind of place that makes me apologize to Michigan for hating its guts during disliking wintertime. for as much as we just casually head on over to the beach or on a whim go boating after dinner, i really am deeply aware of what a wonderful gift this living near water is from God and i thank Him for it.
this little creek connects an inland lake to lake michigan, emptying right here into the "big lake" (as we call it). so at this beach, you have the option of playing in the creek or swimming with the waves in lake michigan or frolicking (love that word) where the two meet, fighting the pull out into the lake.  that's where hubbie and i spent most our time yesterday, sifting sand through our fingers.

i used to do this same thing when i was young.....wade as far up as i could in that creek.  it was magical to me. how warm and shallow it was. the quiet and the dragonflies. the sand dune that eventually rises from the banks. the rocky dam at the end. reliving it through my kids' eyes was so cool.

and then introducing them to the incredible dunes between the lakes was the BEST!
they've been on many a sand dune before but nothing like these that make you feel like you're in the middle of a desert.  that God knows how many grains of sand were under our feet blows my mind. :)

"how precious to me are your thoughts, O God! how vast is the sum of them,
were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand.
when I am awake, I am still with you
psalm 139:17-18 

dune run

dune run
on top of the world
collapsed after climbing the dune
critical? i'd say! down below this dune is a home that's slowly being overtaken by sand. {and in case you were wondering, we stayed on the state-approved climbing area. no dunes were injured by our trek.}
critical dunes
i think most of this sand was in the bottom of the bathtub by the end of the night. #sandEVERYwhere

if you're interested in the wedding flowers i did last week, i'll post about it tomorrow or wednesday.
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  1. Those dunes are ridiculous!!! What a fantastic day!

  2. how super duper fun!
    i love lake michigan.
    we used to go frolicking :) in the lake when i was a kid at my grandma's friends 'camp'.
    sooo fun and HUGE waves! :)

  3. loved these pics. you've been trippin' a lot girlie. WAY TO GO!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!