meeting Him in the backyard

“Arranging a bowl of flowers in the morning can give a sense of quiet in a crowded day
- like writing a poem or saying a prayer.”
➝ Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift from the Sea
so can weeding in the evening, sharing the company of a fluffy yellow dog, some feathered friends, and assorted dragonflies, bees, ants, bees, & butterflies.  a couple of hours of quiet spent working in His creation yesterday and getting my face down close to those flowers' faces.....utterly rejuvenating.  just look at the attention He paid to the pink zinnia above with it's delicate yellow parts.
little sally
while we're still getting the two eggs a day from our older chicken-ladies, the younger three haven't started laying yet (despite the copious amounts of zucchini they've been consuming, ha).  we love the anticipation of finding that first egg. 
sunflower fuzz....so cool
alice is the self-declared head honcho of the flock and the other ladies better not forget it!

that there t-shirt i have on.....that threadbare one full of holes and barely hanging on?  it's my fave.  so soft and just the right length.  it's a steve miller band concert shirt from when i was16 years old.  that makes the shirt 20 years old.  (yep, i'm 36 for ONE more week.)  it's definitely the oldest thing in my closet, me NOT being a "keeper".  i'm constantly going through my clothes and dropping things off at the "bibles for missions" thrift shop.  but never that shirt!  anybody else have a treasured piece of clothing like that?
lovin' the weeds
so, although it's been drought-like conditions here in west michigan (and probably where you are, too), we've been diligently watering the garden but have not been quite so diligent keeping up the the weeding.  she's looking a bit, ummm.....jungle-ish.  we're still getting a nice harvest of things but getting to them just takes a little extra effort. :)  the zinnias and zucchini certainly don't seem to mind.  i MUST get to that this week.  actually, pressing the kids into service sounds like a much better idea.




winifred mae
winifred mae is lovely weeding company. i'm REALLY afraid she might not look like that much longer....all fluffy and cute. her pretty curls are conspiring to weave themselves together into a mess of mats. but i'm doing everything i can to not cut off those curls!

may i have your grace for being such an absentee blogger this summer, pretty please? i always have good intentions of posting things more frequently but then life takes over and the blog is one thing i know can be put off to another day.  maybe short and sweet but more often is what i need to aim for? anyhow, thanks for taking me mess and all!
i send much love today,
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  1. Those zinnias are gorgeous!!!

    I feel the same way about my son's curls!!! His daddy is gonna make me let him get a "real" haircut for his,ahem, 4th birthday!

    Right now our backyard is full of ground bees. Yuck. So glad you feel rejuvenated after all that weeding. More proof that God made us to find pleasure in work!!!

  2. Love the "ladies", the flowers and the dog.

  3. that first quote is so true...
    i went out this a.m. and cut some beautiful hydrangeas and arranged them while sipping coffee in the quiet, kiddos asleep.
    it was a true gift.

    our gardens look very much the same!
    SO many weeds this year, but the heat has been so hard to work in.
    we tackled them(the weeds) on saturday and it looks so much better.
    thank God He's been sending rain or we wouldn't have had hardly any harvest!

    beautiful zinnias...they are my FAVE!

  4. I have struggled in the same way with "consistent blogging" this summer- there's just too much going on to be sitting at the computer all the time.
    This wallpaper strip job is going to do us in I think. Seven layers on the walls and three on the ceiling Megan. THE CEILING! Ugh.
    Well, I must hop offline and get dressed for work.
    Love to you!

  5. Love your sweet Winifred's moppy hair! We have a doodle pup too..she just turned one.. who looks much like her except she's all red. I caved and had her shaved to a puppy cut the beginning of July before we spent our week up on Hamlin Lake. I knew the water and sand would tangle her up something terrible. Was quite shocking to see her come out of the groomers looking so different, but she's still the best of girls...and I must say the sand shakes out easily and she dries in a snap as I'd hoped. Looking forward to the shaggy look again as the cold weather heads our way.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!