blessed to be part of their "from this day forward"

the beautiful bride and groom
a boy i've known since he was 6 {his parents, our best friends-like family} now a real-live grown-up committing his life to a girl who positively radiates joy. and her family, our feel-like-we've-known-'em-forever new friends!
it is crystal clear that God brought them together and their wedding day meaningfully celebrated that fact. he beamed. she glowed. tears. laughter. good, good stuff.
our lucy, age 5, was one of the flower girls just like the groom's sister was our flower girl 15 years ago at age 5. he and lucy share a birthday 20 years apart and a special bond.
flower girlies
lucy and her new buddy, ruby, the bride's niece
they gathered up all the petals after the ceremony to throw again and again and again, eventually scattering them at the reception under the tent
gathering petals
you know that i've worked for a florist/have been a florist since i was 16, right? while i've done the flowers for hundreds of weddings but i've never done one completely on my own. mainly because i don't have a cooler and with the temps in the upper 90's, a wedding can't be done without a cooler. well, gary, the groom's dad, is a produce broker and was willing to let me invade his huge coolers. SO, i offered to be the florist and the sweet, trusting bride accepted. :)
bride's bouquet
bridal bouquet


all the bouquets
her vision was shabby romantic. her and her {totally awesome, cute-as-a-button} mom gathered mason jars, birds, bird cages, mini-chalkboard signs and made burlap and lace table runners, burlap word bunting, painted wooden words signs on stakes and more. {thank youuuuu, pinterest!}
romantic wedding
romantic wedding

a week before the wedding, an instagram friend's daughter got married and she posted photos of the wedding including one of an awesome embroidery hoop art piece that they made. the next thing i knew, i had hoops and lace sprawled across my bedroom floor and was hot gluing my heart out at midnight. i already had all the hoops spare one since i use them for my etsy shop. and i found all the lacey fabrics in 30 minutes spent at 3 thrift shops. it was so meant to be. the dress colors were peach and when i walked into thrift store #1, there waiting just for me was a PEACH modern lace shower curtain for $2. the other lacey things were curtains, doilies and one was a shirt. i laid it out all pretty like, hot glued the edges together and then also tied the hoops together with fishing line. the extra time that was taken to tie things together ended up saving the day since the 100degree & windy wedding day took the "stick" out of the hot glue.
wedding hoop art
wedding hoop art
head table

the boys did the best job performing their duty......manning the {busy} lemonade stand.
watching my friends give their boy away made me all weepy knowing that it's coming for me with these boys someday.
one proud mama....gaining a daughter

and another mama gaining a son

it's your turn, girls!

kaitlin made the MOST beautiful bride
you may kiss the bride
MY flower girl all grown-up
daddy's girl


mmmm, dessert!
cake table
assorted mini cupcakes, tammy's famous chocolate chip cookies and milk
{not quite set-up all the way yet in the photo below)
dessert table

dessert table
a sweet ending to an amazing day.
although sweaty and beyond tired, i left with a heart overflowing with gratitude.
His grace is incredible.
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  1. Simply stunning Megan! You did a beautiful job on those flowers!

  2. Such a beautiful wedding! It looks like every detail was thought through. Too bad I'm already married...i'd totally hire you to be my florist!

  3. Anonymous18 July, 2012

    Oh Megan, that wedding is beautiful. God has truly blessed you with the gift to create! This is your first wedding all by yourself? Well, I think you may have found a new career! You should so be doing this but I know its hard work. I only helped my mom in years past but I once did a wedding all by myself. My brother in law was getting married at the beach. We were all staying at a beach house and the mom of the bride bought a ton of flowers from a florist and decided that she was going to do them herself. That is until she found out that I could do flowers. Goodness, I had to create quite a load of stuff. She had nothing but flowers, a pack of wire, cutters, a few hand fulls of greenery for an entire weddings! Oh My! I had the entire wedding party outside on the island searching for greenery. Huge leafs, spanish moss and anything that would bring a bit of nature into it and to fill up the urns. Its amazing what you can do in a pinch. Its just lovely.

  4. Your arrangements are gorgeous!!! What a gift! And how special to share it with such wonderful friends!

  5. Oh, beautiful! You did an amazing job.

  6. so amazing!!! great job!!

  7. Megan, those flowers are stunning! Just what I would pick- soft, romantic, unpretentious. You did a gorgeous job. Your little flower girl looked adorable. It was obvious that a lot of love went into all the decor. Your lace piece was wonderful and that dessert table- ooh la la!

  8. Everything was gorgeous!! Great jobs on the flowers and the hoops you talented thing you!

  9. everything looks so beautiful!
    you did an amazing job!

  10. Beautiful Wedding!! The flowers are awesome you should consider doing that full time :)


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