all gifts!

zinnia love

well, hello there, gorgeous. zinnia season is a happy time of year for me. their saturated, candy colors add cheer to the weedy garden and kitchen counters.
a {rare} trip to the theater with the kids. bucket o' popcorn with butter. big screen and big laughs. saying "ok" to her "mommy, may i pretty please ride the merry-go-round?". saying yes to things the first and second-born got to do all the time!  and me hitching a ride, as well. :)
cream at the top
cream that rises to the top for my coffee every morning. new-to-us old-fashioned milk jars.
rainbow sail
a day on the water. meeting best friends at the beach.  kids riding the waves.  a picnic.  a walk.  

"daddy, can i steer the boat?"  that man who keeps us safe.  
her driving
gravel barge
up close and personal with an awesome barge.
stay away from their wake, daddy!

wind in our hair
you can't tell from that photo but it was much wavier than we would have preferred.  ok....much wavier than I would have preferred. sister was hiding under that flowered blanket.  and i was fighting seasickness.  all was well once we made it through the channel and off the "big lake".
who knows what these are?
ok, this is totally random but can anyone tell me with 100% certainty what these are? i'm thinking license plates, right? but scouring the web, i haven't been able to find any other plates just like these with the letters and numbers that have been applied instead of the usual pressed plate. i'm just curious!

i hope your week goes wonderfully and that you can see His hand in it all. i'm going to be busy this week setting up that food show booth thing i design every year. this year's booth includes a royal blue vintage pickup truck.  :) it's a month earlier than usual & it'll be good to get it off my plate and still have august to enjoy and use for school-planning. ok, talk to you later! :)
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  1. LOVE all of this.
    there are His gifts tucked around every niche of our lives.
    and i TOTALLY love your set up from last year!
    ummm! holy cool food show and awesomely designed booth.
    i love doing stuff like that, too!

  2. Zinnias make me crazy happy! Have fun getting the booth ready and then school! Wowzas! Where did the summer go?

  3. Hey...I recognize that light house! You were in my neck of the woods..and yes it was wavy out there this week..not many boats on the big lake but the water was oh so wonderful! Can't wait to see the posts of your food booth..enjoy your blog so much.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!