time out for thanks

(i apologize for what may be my cheesiest post title ever)
these two weeks are going to be the busiest of the summer for me. my sweet secondborn's birthday and my parents coming, a big etsy shop update, working for the florist, the 4th, and then the wedding of our dear friends' son of which I'm doing the flowers/decorating for. i'm not complaining because I really am excited about everything! yet, I certainly am feeling the pressure. so, I'm making a pit stop here today to slow down and see His presence in my life.....to count the ways He pours His love over my head.

#1,350 - 1,374
mabel still gifting us with her lovely eggs. the only original lady left.
a garden growing. herbs flavoring our meals.
9 years, 9 YEARS with this boy that fills my heart with laughter
a best friend for littlest girl. two peas in a pod. "jump in, winnie!"
curled up
a SO-not-a-lap-dog taking comfort on my lap, wet fur and all.
hot sun on my skin, beach-tired children, a man who keeps us safe, endless blue water
porch mornings, Your words ever true, a diary of private prayer, warm sun and hot coffee, bird song

good morning

15 years married to my best friend and still actin' goofy
an awesome date, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, and a trip down memory lane
(memories are a gift, too!!)
our wedding reception. 15 years ago last week.
our reception here. june 21, 1997
our newlywed apartment
our character-filled newlywed apartment with those windows

reconnecting with a friend after way too many years
a play day for me, flea market fun, and the gift of running into one of the coolest cats evah
the worship song on the radio that brings me to You
You never stop pursuing
Your faithfulness never tires


a side note: who can tell me what to do (organically) about my sad broccoli & cauliflower?

& have you put your name in the hat yet for the shabby apple giveaway?
4 more days!
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  1. Love a grateful post...LOVE!

  2. love reading about all of your blessings!
    we certainly have a LOT to be thankful for. ;)

    as for your organic gardening question, i would definitely try shaklee basic H.

    it is used as a pesticide, and SO many other things, it will also help your plants to grow and fluorish.

    when used in the correct concentration, it works amazing. i don't know how i lived with out it!
    i use it for all of my inside cleaning too.

    let me know if your interested because i can get you information on how to use it. :)

    {here's a link to it, and if you decide to get some, our ID is XF06199 to place your order, if you'd like}


    hope you have a great day!

  3. Far from cheesy, you reminded ME to take time to be grateful today.

    How do you get your photos to look so, well, nostalgic? I stink at photography, and am always fascinated by neat pictures like this. And am usually afraid to ask, but you seem like a nice, accessible, girlfriend-y sort, so for some reason I am not afraid to ask you!

  4. blessed indeed and not cheesy at all : ) i am having major problems with my tomatoes, no help here-but hope you can figure something out. your next two weeks kinda stress me out just reading about them. super excited for your etsy shop update, too.

  5. lots and lots of gifts, sweet friend! love seeing your photos and your life.

  6. Once again another lovely post! If this is what you call cheesy, keep it coming!:)
    I'm loving the Modderman summer life. And anytime I see you post a pic of your sweet boy reading with his legs crossed, my heart swells. I love readers:) I will miss you for 2 weeks! Don't forget instagram:)

  7. Sweet, sweet post. As for your broccoli... it is probably worms. Yuck, I know. But the best organic pesticide is the footsteps of the farmer. I read that once, and it's sooo true. Go out to your garden in the morning, and flip over your leaves, when you spy those nasty little varmints, just smoosh 'em.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!