the place i can't stop thinking about

(Once again, I must apologize if this photo-heavy post takes 5 minutes to load! I needed the joy of Beaufort to be all in one place!)

So, I said before that Beaufort, South Carolina is the place where I left my heart. That's not entirely true. I may have exaggerated. My heart and all it's love resides wherever my family is, my man and my three babies. My heart is at home. As it's said, "Home is wherever I am with you." And, of course, it's all nothing without Christ at the very core of it all. I'm thankful and content with where He's physically placed us. That said, will you allow me to gush about this place that was love at first sight for me?
After saying hard goodbyes, I let the wind whip my hair and dry my tears all the way from Savannah to Beaufort, arriving in the evening. I oohed and ahhed at the water views and homes oozing quintessential Southern charm as I drove over the low bridge straight to my accommodations for the night. 

When we travel, (which, contrary to what it may seem, is a rare treat) we're not really "hotel people", preferring to stay in a home-y type place if possible. We're BIG fans of VRBO online and have never been disappointed with our accommodations. This time was no exception. The place I laid my head for the night was a carriage house....put plainly, an apartment above a garage. Super close to town, quiet, laid-back owner, & breezily-decorated with its white walls and grey-painted wood floors. Loved it! If you ever make plans to go to Beaufort, I give this place my highest recommendation.

I freshened myself up and then headed back into town to have a look around and grab something to eat. I've seen many waterfront parks in my life but was absolutely charmed by Beaufort's waterfront with its hanging swings instead of benches, filled with romance and couples swinging the night away, waiting for the sun to set. (That's when I was hit with the pang of "Honey, I wish you were here with me!") My husband has SUCH a love of creation and fishing in particular, I knew he would fall in love with this place, too. We're water people. We gravitate towards it. It would be hard if we had to live very far from waves or some sort of rippling water.

I strolled away from the bridge and towards the marina, admiring the salt marsh that exudes "you're in the lowcountry". Taking a deep breath in of the salt air, I turned around and was given the gift of a gorgeous rainbow spanning the sky. Lord, is this place for real? Thank You for bringing me here!
Can I share with you a secret (but-not-really-very-secret)? I dream of moving here! Of leaving the snow behind. Of living in a small town which is said to have a thriving church and homeschool community? Of the endless getting-lost-fishing opportunities? Of the new and different opportunities there could be to serve Him? I know what you're thinking. But, Megan....the HEAT! The bugs! The hurricanes! The humidity! And, did we mention, the HEAT?! I know, people, believe-you-me, I know. But can we just forget about that (like I did when I was there in perfect weather) and pretend it never gets above 85 degrees. :)
Anyhow, I did find somewhere to eat a huge baked potato and key lime pie for dinner by myself (awkward) and before turning in for the night, I drove around the neighborhood of especially beautiful homes to see them all lit up for the night (and sneak a peek through the windows of some).

The next morning, I was out the door early (goodbye adorable carriage house) and had coffee in my hands within 5 minutes.

Then because my parents insisted that I would enjoy it, I went on a carriage ride through town. Yep, completely touristy and something I would normally be diametrically opposed to. But, guess what? I was CRAZY about it! Horse-driven is the way to go! I could have done that ALL day.....be pulled past amazing homes, churches, & buildings and have their history, quirks and stories explained to me. BLISS! (Even with the one near mishap involving horse and garbage truck.) (Newman the horse had been retired from an Amish farm and was treated well with many carrot treats and love given.)





After I said goodbye to Newman and thanked the knowledgeable driver, I just walked and walked and walked and walked and ate and walked around. Soaking up all I could of Beaufort before I had to leave for my 4-hour drive back to Atlanta to catch my 10pm flight (which ended up being delayed 'til midnight, boo).
(see the kayakers?)

the MOSS. ohhhhhhhh, the enchanting moss. dripping off the ancient trees. sigh.



the porches with their haint blue paint






no huge home for us.  that there little cottage above will be just fine, thank you and please.


the churches that exude history




Another recommendation: Lowcountry Produce Market & Cafe for lunch. Lovely atmosphere and yummy eats. My pimento cheese sandwich with bacon and garlic-pepper jelly plus a lemon-curd filled mini cupcake was the perfect lunch.



(shocker: the TSA actually allowed me to bring my jar of cajun tomato sauce on the plane in my carry-on, liquidish and all!)

So, do you want to go? Whether it's for a visit or to live and as He allows, I'm hoping to return before too long to introduce the rest of my heart, my family, to Beaufort, and enjoy their falling in love with it.

"Return home and tell how much God has done for you."
Luke 8:39a
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  1. If you move then so will we 😄

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    Honey, you need to move to Summerville, SC. Near Charleston. Its 30 minutes from the beach. Two hours from Savannah and we have a great homeschool community. I actually teach at a co-op. Well, its kinda like a co-op. Here is a link...http://sheepwebsite.org/ We meet on Thursday for lots of classes. There is so much to do here. I live ten minutes from two plantations. We have all the marsh, heat, bugs, and spanish moss that you need too. LOL. If you love beaufort then you would love Charleston.

  3. Oh how beautiful! I have never been there. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures with me! The moss is so very dreamy. It makes me want to grab my camera and get on a plane right now!

  4. i've never been to beaufort, but it seems to hold all the charm as Charleston SC, which as a reader said above is very similar. i'm so glad you found a heart-place. It's fun to dream and wish and pray...lovely.

  5. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. We're hoping to go somewhat south this summer for our vacation with the girls but I dont know how far down we'll get. Since we'll be in Central America in a few months Im inclined to just relax at home with my hubby and babies once we're all done with school.

  6. Hello Megan - I've not commented before - I'm an Australian living in Vancouver, Canada - found my way to your blog via a link from Ann Voskamp to your sweet home a few months ago, and check back from time to time - just have to say I get the being tired of cold (not so much snow here, but months of grey skies and rain - June 6th and today's maximum is 9 degrees celsius - 48.2F with rain all day!!!). We are blessed by our church community here, but I have to confess to longing, even praying, for there to be a way to sunshine and blue skies.

    PS I really enjoyed your recent post of everyone painting irises - happy activity and happy results!

  7. Love all the pictures and now I want to go there to eat and walk and sightsee and ride a horse drawn buggy. Sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm sold! Looks beautiful and so refreshing!

  9. Anonymous19 June, 2012

    so lovely, especially, eSPECIALly, the moss and churches, and horsey! :)

  10. Oh i want to be there right now! So beautiful! I have a question...what app do you use to get that linen/canvas texture in some of the photos?


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