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evening coffee

nighttime coffee is a rare thing for me. especially in summertime. but, man...come 8pm lately, i'm pooped! useless! i find it hard to give in to the tired though and put my feet up when the sun's shining its lovely light until 10pm, my overflowing craft area is staring me in the face, the kids are sleeping and the husband is looking like he wants me to take a walk with him. so, coffee it is. 

actually, i'm feeling great tonight. energized even! and at 9:45pm sans coffee! in fact, i think i'm going to go weed the garden.
p.s. happy monday
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  1. Nothing much can OFTEN be sooo nice1 Hope you had a nice walk with your man1

  2. Wow! Weeding the garden at 9:45 pm! I wish I had that energy! So glad I'm not the only one who enjoys evening coffee. Although mine is usually decaf because I'm an old lady in a 30 yr olds body!:)

  3. Anonymous19 June, 2012

    I do so look forward to the bits of joy I find when I open your emailed post...whether in image or word. Gems of encouragement. Thanks from wheaton!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!