book love & what i've been stitching on

So, as soon as I saw the cover of this one on Aimee's instagram, I used my handy (or NOT-so-handy according to my husband) Amazon app on my phone and ordered it. Yes, sometimes I really do judge a book by its cover. But I'm so glad I did because I LOVE this book!

Every page is a piece of art. And educational! And funny! And creative, fascinating, entertaining, and inspiring!

The kids ALL were ga-ga over it and I love that they learn things from it in such a fun way. I truly can't say enough about Farm Anatomy. Thanks for the heads up, Aimee!
And since Elizabeth Foss @ In the Heart of My Home has been hosting the lovely Needle&ThREAD on Thursdays (sharing what you're reading and sewing).....(& even though it's Friday :)
you can see below that I'm still working on embroidering Isaiah 60:1. While it does seemingly take me forever to finish embroidery pieces, I so enjoy the rhythm of pulling thread through fabric and having something to keep my hands occupied. And what could beat that? Stitchin' in the sunshine, watching the kids cool off in the water, lemonade at my side. Gift.
What have you been reading and sewing?

needle and thREAD
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  1. been reading too many organizational/homeschooling books and not enough light, fun stuff :) I did just start Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. No sewing in sooooo long, but I am going to do Ashley's DIY tutorial today on adding fabrics to glass jars to make vases.

  2. I put this in my amazon cart a few weeks ago, got distracted and now that I see more and hearing you talk about it, I'm checking it out! :)
    Your embroidery is beautiful!
    I recently finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. It was about 2 teenage kids who fall in love and they both have terminal cancers.
    It was heart wrenching, but beautiful. It had some language. Which I didn't care for. I should have put it down honestly, but it was good besides all that.
    As for sewing. I'm a total newbie.
    I ran out of thread and have yet to change the bobin! Oy! But I was in the middle of sewing up reusable produce bags to sell at the farmer's market alongside my jam:)

  3. Oh, I love that book! I would have to have it for the pictures for sure. I love your embroidery piece - your style is beautiful! I've been working on some embroidery pieces for a friend of a Laura Ingalls Wilder quote and yes, they take me forever too!!

  4. reading my new cookbooks, when I have time to sit down! PW's newest, Homemade Pantry, and a couple others! I've been gathering the supplies I need to paint my hutch and dining table and chairs! Can't wait to start! Lovely embroidery! Wish I'd learned. Might have to add that to my bucket list!

  5. i'm SO getting that book for my family.
    thanks for the heads up, girl!

    ps i want that embroidery!


  6. What have I been sewing? Books!! I work at the music library at my university, and to save music scores that has been ripped from its staples, we sew them. That's the only sewing I've done for two years, and I take a sheepish delight in it. I'm hoping that will change after this next Tuesday, when I'll be done with comprehensive exams. Yay!!

    Thanks for all the beauty you share with all of us readers of yours. :)

  7. So, I'm not sure why it called me unknown. Sorry!

  8. So funny! I just checked this book out from the library! Loved all the pictures!! So fun!!

  9. oh amazon has been my naughty place lately. books are my weakness and they make it so easy to click myself into a happy bookish oblivion. today the america's test kitchen healthy family cookbook arrived and I have been happily buried in it for most of the afternoon. it is everything the reviews said. I would be so happy to eat my way through that book...

  10. I'm officially in amor with you. And this book. And Mindy. (Mindi?)

    Also, can you please teach me to sew?

  11. Love, it's been tagged on my Amazon Wish List for awhile! And I loooove your eye for beauty in treasures from the past, adding little touches of beauty from you today...so great! I'm between a lot of things, but needing to catch up on our book club selection 'A Tree Grows In Brooklyn' asap.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!