6 happy things

no. 1. my kitchen timer. people, seriously. when the timer goes off, it plays one out of four jaunty tunes while "blending" the little styrofoam beads inside. how could that not make you smile?  it's much easier to use the microwave timer but not nearly as fun. and guess what i just found? someone actually made a video of it over on amazon. heehee.
no. 2. fresh eggs in the backyard.  little miracles every day.
no. 3. my fresh eggs sign, pretty inexpensive at my local antique mall.  someone just painted the words onto an old board.  i see a DIY in my future.
no. 4. now this one made me ridiculously happy. i made butter for the first time in my life! eek! doesn't sound exciting to you?? well, clearly, i was GIDDY enough about it to take a picture of myself and the butter-in-process. (#foodnerd)  laura ingalls wilder's enticing, detailed description of ma's butter-making is to blame. AND i got to use the cream that separated from the milk-that-i-can't-talk-about (#longliveblackmarketmilk). double woot-woot!!
now, i know some of you are thinking, "duh, shake up some cream and you have butter," while others are thinking, "how in the world do you make butter?"  here's a youtube video if you're a visual person like me.  there are many videos out there but i liked this one best.  

basically, there are many different ways to make butter but i whisked heavy (raw) cream in the kitchenaid just until it went past whipped cream and "broke" apart....solids separate from liquid (the buttermilk).  then i changed to the paddle attachment, poured off the buttermilk (which i saved for pancakes), and rinsed the butter three times with ice water.  swish, swish.  lastly, i scraped it out and hand mixed in a bit of kosher salt.
crazy good, creamy-textured, tangy-flavored bliss.
and after i added chives and a bit of fresh-pressed garlic, i died.
(not really but you know)
no. 5. this boy.  his hazels.  that nose.  those lips.  his sweetness.  his everything.
and no. 6. these cinnamon-sugar-doughnut muffins, mmmm.  i wrote up a guest blog post all about them over at the faithful city mouse.  go take a peek, k?

→p.s. i'm hosting an exciting giveaway in a couple of days!←

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  1. I love that you made butter. Id love to try it myself one of these days.
    And I make P.Woman's version of those donuts. They are SOOOO yummy! I couldn't find anything on the link though...perhaps she hasn't posted it yet?
    Have a lovely week:)

  2. you totally had me at hello on that whole butter escapade yesterday! YUMMM! and then the chives....don't even get me started!
    we get raw goats milk from our friends down the road and i've been looking for a reputable organic raw dairy milk supplier.
    it's so frustrating that it can't be sold!!!
    so...it's good to know that there are other visual learners out there. :) thanks for the video....GOTTA try it!

  3. Ok, I totally ran over to Amazon because.... seriously? cutest timer ev-ah. and they are out of stock. trouble :)

  4. would love to know the name of your local antique store because we are headed on a road trip to that area! Hoping that is not a "black market" secret either!

  5. What delightful things! And did you know that you can can your butter?! Here's a link: http://daily-survival.blogspot.com/2011/03/canned-butter-or-american-ghee.html

    Amazing, right?

  6. I'm serious about this making my own butter thing! Love your photos & feeling some serious inspiration to finally do this!

    Ps, read your guest donut muffin post & pretty sure I'm going to have to make these in my donut pan! They look delicious.

  7. I am pretty sure I will have to make those donut muffins. They look delicious!

  8. Love that timer, so rad! And I think I'll add 'make butter' to my summer bucket list!


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