top o' the day to you!

top fo the day
and happy mother's day, as well, to all my beautiful mama-friends.
i pray you were blessed yesterday and
encouraged in your mothering journey.
i was reminded once again of the GIFT it is to guide them and of how very fleeting time is.
and that as i guide, He's walking beside me, showing me the BEST path if i'll just listen.
The Lord says,
‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you’.”
Psalm 32:8
and i count out my thanks.....
#1,332 - 1,350
the 3 He gave and that i can be called "mother"
eyes to se how quickly these days will be but a memory
soaking them up
my own beautiful mother and a legacy of faith
firstborn bravely in front of the church, reciting his mother's day verse
fluffy yellow dog at my feet
sun hot on my skin
a belly full of good food
needle & thread, busy fingers
their fish-catching-joy
their unique handwriting, names carefully signed
how he makes my coffee just the way i like it every sunday
gifts and thoughtfulness
mother bird, precious nest in my hanging fern with tiny speckled eggs
flowers amazing in their variety and shocking color and You are an awesome creator, God
making a new friend this week
sneaking out for a dinner date with my man
plans to anticipate and counting down the days (only 3 to go!) and the crazy, giddy of excitement of spending time with her, her & her
y'all have a beautiful week!

"Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you."
Isaiah 60:1

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  1. Anonymous14 May, 2012

    your embroidery is lovely! Those flowers are gorgeous! Glad you had a wonderful Mothers day.

  2. Happy Belated Mother's Day Megan! Loving the hoop art!

  3. yes!! 3 days!!! yes!!!

  4. aahh, megan, what a dear list. blessings on you, aimee, andrea, and laurel as you gather and knit your hearts and lives in friendship.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!