green with thanks

I would never dream of wearing garden gloves. For me, getting my hands all scratched up and fingernails caked with mud is supremely satisfying. I'm not quite sure why that is. Maybe it's... I've accomplished something and have the dirt to prove it?
While it's not QUITE warm enough here in Michigan to sow all our garden seed, it IS the time to prep and weed and get ready.  Time to take back the land from the weeds. There is the tiniest bit of spinach to munch on, the hardy radishes are coming along, we've been eating our few, sparse asparagus spears, even when, oops, we let them get way too long. I enjoy the chives in almost every meal.

We're hoping for a better crop of raspberries this year and also that the japanese beetles somehow don't find us.
We have three chicks, you know, and I let them peck around the garden while I was working there last night. They're in that awkward preteen stage, all scraggly and sorry-looking. Mabel and Alice, our full-grown layers, eyed them suspiciously through the chicken wire. Yep, I'm worried adding the new girls to the flock. Worried there'll be pecking and blood. So, I'm hoping that this slow, intentional, "say hello through the fence" approach will lessen the blow of new roommates for the original ladies.
While the little girlie and I were away at a bridal shower Saturday morning, the boys helped Daddy build a bigger run and expand the coop with new nesting boxes. Good job, guys!
And one more thing on this fine day....
my thanks offering to Him. Choosing to SEE His goodness in my life....the ongoing list....
#1,318 - 1,331
bodies healthy and strong
dirty, broken fingernails...
fabric scraps, bit of thread and paper dotting my floor = You strengthen me to work,
You called work good and You give satisfaction
You bring a harvest of blessing
her bubble-blowing glee
a break in the rain
friends who reach out with encouragement to cheer me on
by Your grace, a success
new-to-us study all about Your most amazing creation that we ALL are fascinated by
meals at the table, us five,
firstborn up to my chin and vision from you to see the brevity of them small and Your grace to make every moment count

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  1. We've really enjoyed the Apologia study...I got it to do last year, but we've actually stretched it over two years with a lot of nature study thrown in. It's been a good balance in studying our bodies and nature- it's also amazed me how much the kids connect the dots without help! :)

    I'm trying to figure out how to make a sq foot garden work here (we're renting); your post made me so homesick for my boxes at our old house!

  2. Good morning, Megan. We just completed the same study- it was a highlight for all of us. Just began Botany (same publisher) since this season of growing, tending, and harvesting seem like a good life study fit. It strikes me though that anytime is a good "fit" to study His mighty works, but it is sweeter when we remember that He first walked with us in a garden. Blessings on your week <3

  3. I am so impressed with your Michigan garden! I have relatives in Manistee, MI and they always say how nervous they are at putting there a garden out too early. And I really love that you have chickens and such a cute coop!

  4. Lovely Post! Check out the perfect face of a child in your last picture! Kinda creepy but cool too! Have a "resting in Jesus" day!

  5. Heather, Haha, it IS a face you're seeing....it's a statue. :)

  6. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Your garden will be fabulous! I'm hoping to get a coop here at our place too, just need hubby to go out there and build it!

  7. What a fab garden and awesome chicken coop! I so badly want to be someone who gardens...maybe if I wasn't so terrified of bugs :)
    Have a blessed day! xo

  8. popped on over from ashleyann's blog. love your garden! darn condo living....can't wait to have a yard of our own to grow delicious things!



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