starting the week out with a slowing to see

Well, hello there.
Happy Monday to you.
The sun is shining.
It's a new week.
I, for one, am resting in His unfailing love this week.

"Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love,
that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days."
Psalm 90:14

Blurry and 6am ridiculous mirror shot of myself but picture me saying, "Top of the morning to you!"


Who could not be cheerful with the bit of fluffy sunshine in her life?


And this even fluffier and gangly bundle-of-joy?


Even if she does like to use your hand as a chew toy.


I've got a busy week. Completely self-imposed. There's a deadline looming over my head. May 1. That's when my little Etsy mercantile officially creaks open it's door. Something I've daydreamed about for years, truly. And, strangely, I'm so nervous!


I'm trusting He'll supply all the energy I need to get everything done. Ann's words, "Life is not an emergency," always come to mind when time is pressing on me.
So, I'm slowing down this morning and pressing into HIM with my thanks, my gratitude. Slowing to really SEE Him.
#1,303 - 1,318
that 6am me? heading off to hug her neck and receive the precious gift that she is
days, hours and minutes...time He gives
soaking up these children
their soft skin and kisses
her curls and braid and
"Mommy, can I help make muffins?"
hugging my first baby and realizing his height
and the good mama ache of wanting them to stay small
painting together at the table
discovering learning links that work for us
reading aloud a love story
cool air, cloudless skies and sun to warm
food that's fuel and tongues that can taste
animals to share life with
a supper to remember You by
reminders from You that no, life is not an emergency

May you see Him in all you do this week, my friends.
Much love,
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  1. Hi! New to your blog and happy to be here.
    What inspiring words to start my week off with.
    And if those are some of the things in your shop, I love them!
    That Mt. Rushmore pennant is great!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Love from,

  2. Goodness, I'm glad I found you! My sister and I were just discussing wishing that we knew of more bloggers who were just as creative and wordy and savvy as the rest-but were also followers of Christ. Here you are! I cannot wait for your shop to open! Thank you for making my Monday morning!

  3. Been reading your blog for a while (love it!), but today's post was just striking to me. I guess the simplicity of a day living real in His love & presence... just so sweet. Thank you.

  4. can't wait to visit your store, it will do great.

  5. i just love that...unfailing love. recently ps 69 v 13 has been my go to...answer me with your saving faithfulness...unfailing love, saving faithfulness. oh my.

    blessings to friend.

  6. i know alot about self imposing deadlines. good for you for going for it. it's gonna be great:)

  7. Wish words and a beautiful list of thanks Megan. Enjoy the moments and it will all get done.

  8. Glad to find your blog (through Holy Experience.) Your words are so encouraging! Our pastor just spoke yesterday about our 'words' - full of life or death. Thank you for yours today!


    P.S. Do you really look that great at 6 am?! I am impressed! In my 19+ years of homeschooling, I have never looked that good at 6 am! LOL

  9. Excited for your store! Congratulations.

  10. Is that Awake My Soul and Sing what you were working on on the plane? I'm absolutely in love with it. You know I've been excited for your shop to open. Shall I set an alarm on my phone? :)

  11. I cannot WAIT for your etsy shop!! I know it will be fabulous...just like you! ;)


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!