looking for an easy side dish for tonight's dinner?

Taking a break from the road trip posts because.....I just feel like it.
I was going through some older photos and came upon these I took of a favorite potato recipe. Not that there's really a "recipe" per se. I just call them Parmesan Potatoes (creative, huh?) and know that when the kids see them they always say, "Ohhhh, yum!" It's a good dinner when someone says, "Ohhh, yum!"


These are super fast to make. Well, I take that back. If you don't have a food processor, it will take some time. Sorry. A mandoline would obviously work great, too. Or just some old-fashioned patience with a knife. Anyhoo....you just need to evenly and thinly slice up your potatoes. Around 4 or 5 good-sized ones filled up my sheet/jelly roll pan. I always, always line pans with parchment because I'm lazy like that I love the easy clean-up.


Layer them all fancy-like, overlapping by half.


Turn your broiler on high and get that oven good and hot. Meanwhile, melt approximately 1/4 cup butter (or more but no less than that). Drizzle it all over the taters. Then sprinkle on herbs to your taste. I used thyme and rosemary from last season's garden. Kosher or sea salt and pepper. And then lots and lots of shaved parmesan.


Then broil in the middle of the oven until browned on top and center potatoes are tender when poked with a fork. Thin, thin slices are key to cooking through quickly without burning the top.

They're so tasty alongside a marinated & grilled pork tenderloin with lemon, olive oil and sea salt drizzled asparagus. Enjoy!
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  1. yum!! Sounds delish! I'll have to remember that. How do you dry your herbs?

  2. Oh my goodness that looks good! Thank you for sharing!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!