locavore'n it in alabama

Sadly but with relish, I just knocked off the last of the pimento cheese that traveled home with me all the way from Alabama. I could eat me some homemade pimento cheese 'til the cows come home. Mmmm.

Visiting the "cheese farm" was one of the trip's highlights for me. These people are livin' the dream, I tell ya. All week they milk the cows and make the cheese and on Friday and Saturday from 10-5, they sell it to the adoring, clamoring public.


Down the dirt road, tucked into virtually the middle of nowhere lies this bucolic dream in Elberta, Alabama. (No offense to middle-of-nowhere-dwellers. Wish I was one!) I guess the husband and wife moved to Alabama from Michigan to give their Guernseys a better life. {Hmmm...nudge, nudge, honey.}


We brought home the aforementioned pimento cheese and their special Elberta which is semi-soft and buttermilk-tangy. My cousin was giddy was she saw the special-made-for-Easter batches of fresh cottage cheese.....different than what you might think about cottage cheese....theirs is dry and ohhhh so good.



And look at their chicken coop! A work of art!



They don't have a website :) but there are a ton of articles online about them like this kinda funny one and this informative one.  Happily, I found a little video about them on YouTube if you're a curious soul like me!

Another day and down another red-dirt road, we ate ice cream, perused preserves, bought brown eggs and played with chickens at an all organic, making-a-go-of-it, diversified family farm



Two jars came home with me, tucked with care amongst my clothes. Honey and raspberry-pear-jalapeno jelly. I'm looking forward to eating the latter with cream cheese on a cracker.



For us, traveling is made so much richer when we take the time to search out the "real" places. The local color and character. The hidden gems. The place where locals can found, not other tourists like us. Grabbing a fast-food meal on a road trip is not really an option for us.

We inhaled BBQ, mashed redskins and sweet tea and were dared by the chef to try the ultra-hot sauce at the Smokey Pig....


and were tickled pink at Fran's when the waitress furtively brought my husband a second helping of hamburger casserole just because "he looked like he needed it"....whatever that meant. :)


And had a discreet chuckle over the offering of fried rabbit on the menu. More expensive than anything else! What in the world??!


And when we were on our way home and crabby and needing gas, we were cheered by stumbling upon the fresh pie at this restaurant/gas station. That pie kept us happy all the way to our hotel in Nashville.

smokehouse/gas station


That's it....I'm off to dig up some cheese and crackers. I think there's still some Elberta left!
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  1. looks so fun...and that cheese?? DEE LISH

  2. Looks so fun! Id love to go south this summer with the camper and see some new states.
    Last summer was (breathtaking) New England.

  3. Your southern vacation looks wonderful. I myself am a transplant to the south (middle of nowhere Arkansas) grew up in Chicago area, lived in NYC and then AR. My hubby is a farm boy and has shown me a LOT of southern ways and how to make REAL sweet tea. As for the fried rabbit, people in the south are SERIOUS about this. It's like a delicacy or something. I can't quite handle it myself. Loving that you sought out the locals. In my opinion it's the best way to experience the south!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!