sniff, sniff

Think of these things.....
wood smoke
freshly-cut grass
baby powder
tomato leaves
bread in the oven

Your brain is "picturing" how they smell, right?  It's hard to separate the thought of those things from their scent, whether good or bad.   He sometimes gets put on the back burner but Mr. Sense of Smell is important!  Besides giving your food taste and alerting you to possible dangers, I know y'all know that smells can evoke strong emotional memories.  If I get a whiff of chlorine mixed with certain kind of soap, I'm 8-years-old at the community pool, waiting in line at the concession stand for my package of Spree's while Electric Avenue is playing through the speakers.  Overripe tropical fruit sends me back to my honeymoon on the sweetly-scented island of Kauai.

So, in your home, what's going on in the scent realm?  I find it interesting that every home has a distinct smell.  Jane's house smells like Tide.  Sally's home reminds me of linens and cookies.  I walk into Mary's house and think of wool sweaters and houseplants.  (Fictional friends but real smell associations!) What do people think of when they step through your door?

I'm super intentional in that arena.  Not knowing if scent memories will form in the kids or not, I still love the idea that the scent of chocolate chip cookies baking might someday flood my kids' minds with memories of their childhood home and the mama that loved them so much.  Maybe garlic and onions will make them smile picturing me in front of the stove.  Or a freshly-shorn lawn may bring back the times their daddy let them ride on the mower with him.
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  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your wonderful blog through Meg "Whatever". I just had to tell you I love your Goldendoodle, Winnie. We raise Goldendoodles, aren't they wonderful. I look forward to exploring your blog and hearing more about your family. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Aww, thanks for writing, Penny. We love our Winnie, too, obviously. It was so fun watching her swim for the first time last weekend.
    Glad to be journeying with you,


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!