paradise found: part II: into the blue

{Part I here}
Can you believe that I left my big DSLR camera home for this trip? I kind of shocked myself. No, I didn't forget it but left it home on purpose. The ease of my little camera phone can't be beat. I mean, I can tuck it into my swimsuit (ahem). Can't do that with the Canon!

I hope the photo processing doesn't burn your retinas.....all that bright, brilliant turquoise. I couldn't help myself. The handy Camera+ filters are just too tempting NOT to use.
One thing the kids asked for was a picture of a cloud close-up.  Which I was thrilled to be able to capture.  The plane was jam packed, 3x3, row by row, except for the window seat next to us.  Oh, yeah....room to stretch out and a coveted window seat for mama.  That's always an issue for he and I on airplanes.  He needs an aisle seat to accommodate his long legs and mama wants the view!
Isn't this shot below idyllic, right down to the seagull on the roof?!

I'll spare your ears from my heard-from-the-shore squeals of delight upon seeing these dolphins by NOT posting the video.  Seriously, I don't know what came over me.  I loved Flipper as a child. Do you see all those birds perched in the tree?  They were spooky/cool.  Think they were/are cormorants.


We took the boat out to what we dubbed, Sandbar Island, and ohhhhh, it was so shallow it felt like you could walk all the way to Naples.  We got up close and personal with a huge manta ray!  Manta ray = harmless.  Stingray = scary.  We had to think about that one for a minute.  





Do you see the wisdom in the camera phone?  I'm guessing it probably wouldn't have been prudent to take my Canon on the kayak.


Our last hours in paradise were appropriately blustery, cooler and winds wildy whipping my hair matching how I felt. "I don't want to go!" yet "I want to hug the kids!" A strong Cuban cafe con leche soothed my torn soul.
Flying clothes on already, savoring the sand in my toes one last time...digging in....please, don't let it be time yet.
Adieu, Florida. See you soon, Gary & Tammy, back in good ol' Michigan.

P.S. The flip-flops are NOT going back in the closet.
41 degrees be darned.
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  1. Love all the pics, again. We lived in FL for 3 years and this time of year I really miss it!

    Did you make the sandals or buy them that way? Do tell!

  2. Your photos are so dreamy! Looks like it was a magical vacation! Thank you by the way for the sweet words and link to my home tour! Coming from you that is quite the compliment! Anytime you are in Washington you are welcome to come curl up on my couch!

  3. I had to do a double take at that picture of your feet in the sand. I thought it was snow:)
    I'm so glad you and the man got away for a reprieve. And what better place to do it than in the sunshine state? :)
    Missing you. And waiting for that ETSY shop to open up!

  4. dude.....where did you get that stripey hat??? i must have one. :)

  5. i love, love, love that last photo. you look the perfect beach bum.

  6. you would never know that wasn't your dslr. wowza girl and that last pic of you was smokin'! good times:)

  7. We live in Naples! Where we're you? Some of the scenes look familiar, but others not so much.

    Just popped over here after seeing your amazing boy bedroom on Pinterest! I'll be subscribing...thanks for the inspiration!


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