{free printable} ponder the path


I love this verse.
Let's ponder, yes?
Printable, anyone?
(It's roughly 10"x7".)
free printable

Would you say a prayer for us Friday and Saturday as we're driving down to Alabama?
Touring Mammoth Cave on the way. Oh, how I have vivid memories of that amazing place when I was little. They turn off all the lights and you're in the darkest dark you could ever imagine. So cool.

Lord-willing, the next time I check in we'll be under the Gulf Shores sun! Woot-woot!
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  1. Thank you! :-)

  2. Thank you so much for this!

  3. What a beautiful printable-thank you! And have fun on your trip. Wanna stop in New York?! Id send you my cell number(phone, not cell as in prison..haha) Signing off now...

  4. thank you so much for the printable! :) i'm a new reader from oklahoma, however some of my heart will forever be in southwest michigan. (born & raised south of kazoo) love your pics, love your style. keep doing what you do! :) p.s. our favorite vacay place is gulf shores. hope your fam has the best time ever! :)

  5. Are you actually doing comments? yah! I have been meaning to e-mail you! I'm a country mama from the hills in Cali and I enjoy your blog so much! I am also mentored and inspired by the lovely Ann Voskamp which I saw you got to meet her or something? How did that happen you lucky girl? Amazing! Your craftiness amazes me and your family is beautiful! I am just starting my blog to record and journal His gifts and share homeschooling/kitchen/home/fun stuff! I will e-mail you when I get it going and you can check it out! It's at http://littlehomeinthehills.blogspot.com
    but I haven't had time to commit to it! you know how that is! lovely lovely lovely! so blessed by you and your site! Just had to drop by to tell you! Have a beautiful day!


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!