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So, the photo has nothing to do with my words but I just wanted to share that the computer is back in action. SO thankful the repair was quick and it seems to be all spanking new with its fresh hard drive. Yeah! 

But boo to everything I lost (a billion fonts, homeschool stuff, some photos, tons&tons of graphics I had collected for blogging/creative use, seemingly thousands of bookmarks, emails meant for keeping) and having to look into the cost of data recovery. Two words for you, people, BACK UP your computer. (OK, 4 words.) I had been putting off and putting off the always-long backup process. Grrr. Boo on me! Photoshop also is gone and man, do I use that a lot! The blog photos may look a little goofy until I can get PS up and running again.

Was it beautiful weather in your neck of the woods today, too? 80 degrees and sunny here! I had every window wide open to let that warm air wash the house clean. So energizing! Isn't March flying by? Finding it hard to believe it's almost halfway through!

OK, off to bed with the ceiling fan on and the night breezes blowing.
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