up, up and away!

My man turns the big 4-0 on Monday.
It's our 15 year anniversary this year (in June).
We were invited to enjoy the Florida sunshine.
So, we said, YES!, and we're flying away on a jet plane,
just us two lovebirds....
 (not my work! hoop found here on etsy)
to stay with our friends-like-family
in the house they're renting on
sunny Siesta Key.
You can guess how excited I am, right?!!!
What a gift!
(not my image! vintage map photo found here on etsy)
Thanks be to God for providing loving hearts and competent hands to care for these monkeys while we're gone on our long weekend.
We know they'll do just fine without us.
But this big naughty baby on the other hand....she'd better not cause trouble!
You know what I'm looking forward to on the plane ride? I've been prepping a couple big embroidery projects and my hands have been itching for free time.  As long as the TSA doesn't consider my needle a weapon, then I'll be stitching away to my heart's content.

Flying is a RARE occasion but when I do have a chance to do it, I really enjoy it. I say that because I know so many people don't like to fly. No, I don't enjoy the cramped quarters or artificial air (yuck) but soaring up over those clouds and watching the land fall away underneath takes my breath away every time. I'm the one with her nose pressed against the window, whispering prayers of amazement and gratitude and praise to our great Creator God.
Yikes, it's 10:22pm and we're leaving at 4am and I still have to make my feet flip-flop ready!

Y'all have a lovely day, OK?
May you see HIM in it all.
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  1. Have a wonderful getaway Megan! And Im interested to hear how you get that needle past security:)

  2. Have a breathtaking, woderful time!!! Happy Birthday to your Man, Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Florida Sunshine <3

  3. How lovely for both of you. {You'll be just two hours north of me - that island is our favorite spot to vacation. I hope you will love the gulf beaches as much as we do.}

    Happy Birthday to your hubby and Happy Anniversary to both of you. xo

  4. Happy, happy anniversary to you and your hubs! Hope y'all have a save and fabulous trip :)

  5. oh, much happiness and relaxation to you! fly away.

  6. Sounds lovely!
    Enjoy your trip!

  7. Yay...so excited for you and your honey. What a fun get away. Our 20th is this year. Can't believe that. We've got a few things planned. I'm that person too. Nose pressed against the window taking in God's great BIG world. Have a ball.

  8. have a lovely trip, just the two of you!

  9. Girl, I am SO excited for you!!!! And I totally love that you are embroidering up in those clouds. Work that floss, sister!

  10. I just got home from a rare airplane trip of my own, and I always feel the same way! I feel giddy staring at the wonder of our world from up there. How awesome that you get to go AND have your hands free to work. I had a bit of a struggle with my 10-month-old, but I'm looking forward to flying in the next season of life. I just found your blog, and I'm loving it.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!