a tradition: freezing time

A birthday tradition.
Since the firstborn turned one.
Photos of them in Daddy's shirt.
The same shirt that waits patiently in the closet for it's one moment in the sun every year.
Capturing them and their growth and tucking the memory safely away so it can be visited again and again.
How big they were when they turned 2.....the last year with baby teeth....the year before their face thinned out....
"It's not that big this year, is it Mom? I'll fit into it soon," exclaims the hopeful, newly 10-year-old.
I choke and think, "Yes, yes you will."

If I was energetic, which I'm not, I'd go dig out the photos from his baby years, when we couldn't find him inside all that fabric.
Here he was 2 years ago....
birthday tradition
.....and last year.
Shamefully, we missed Mr. Oliver's birthday photo op this year.  So, we captured 8-1/2 instead of 8. :)
They really do change SO quickly.  Sneakily, too....right before our eyes but we're so blind to see.  I just realized recently that, duh, the cute gap between his teeth is totally gone now.  Awww.
2 years ago....
b boy in daddy's shirt
And last year's.
birthday tradition
Bouncy girl wanted in on the photoshoot action.
I think I'll start taking pics of her in my wedding dress every year.
The dress that's sealed in a coffin box under the basement stairs. Did you do that? After the wedding, have your dress all cleaned and boxed up airtight, a box with a creepy viewing window nonetheless? I know it's supposed to keep it from yellowing but c'mon. I want my girlie to be able to try on my dress! I used to love climbing into my Mom's dress with its lace and crinoline and twirling around. That's it. That seal WILL be broken soon!
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  1. love that shirt idea!
    i just sent my wedding dress away this year...to Kenya...i figure my daughter will likely not want to wear it...

  2. one time i put on my mom's wedding dress and drove to my friends house and it was hysterical.
    i was 15.

  3. I LOVE this idea. If only I had started it years ago. My boys are 2 and 5....too late? I wonder....

  4. my heart actually skipped a beat reading this post - what a beautiful idea!! xx


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