Monday thanks and a Valentine's printable

Good morning!
Is the sun shining unobstructed through your windows today?

I know you know how happy sunshiney days make me but you probably don't know the little factoid that I never, ever close my curtains. Covering up natural light and a view outside is just not something I do. Artificial light tends to make me jittery. Sit me by a window and I'm as content as a cat laying in a pool of sunshine. I do believe I might even enjoy living in a glass house. Yep, a glass house on very private land sounds dandy to me. I should say that I DO close the blinds at night in our bedrooms because we live in a neighborhood and I despise unnatural streetlights shining in my eyes.

Another factoid....as much as I enjoy my cup of coffee, I'm even more in love with the SMELL of freshly ground beans. Ohh, bliss. And I rarely finish my cup. I always seem to be reading a book aloud to the kids while I'm trying to drink it and it ends up ice cold and then I either reheat it (sometimes 2 or 3 times) or dump it.

Something else.... isn't my mug rug cute? It's a handmade gift (from my lovely friend, Aimee) that keeps on giving. I'm given a warm and fuzzy remembrance of the time, care and love she put into making such a thoughtful gift every time I see it. Yes, any gift can give you that feeling but there's something special about handmade.

It's Monday and I'm thanking Him for....#1,249 - 1,259

friends who reach out
Your wisdom, Lord, bringing light to my eyes
earthy fragrance filling my nostrils
a crazy, running wild, snow-eating dog
a husband who comes to my rescue
the opportunity for service
seed catalogues and garden dreams and hope for a harvest of plenty
a boy's daily but spontaneous, "I love you so much, Mommy"
plans according to Your will, things to anticipate
Your love to celebrate

Happy early Valentine's Day to y'all!
I made up a little printable if you need a little something-something to print off last minute. 
valentine2012 copy

You can access it by clicking here.
Have a lovely day!

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  1. Beautiful, as always, Megan.

    LOVE natural light (I almost NEVER use my camera's flash)...and because we live on a little acreage, I don't even have coverings for some of my windows.

    And coffee? Clearly the aroma's the best.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful valentine printable. You are adorable.

  2. We are also enjoying the SUN shining through our windows today! God is so good to us! :)
    Taking pictures is always better when the sun is shining...have a HAPPY Monday Friend!

    It's always a joy to visit your blog.

  3. Nice to meet you! I love your site - so joyful. And your dog! Wow, what a cute face! I'd love to watch him jumping and eating snow. I'm sure it's a hoot. Thank you for the printable. I'm thinking of writing four love notes to my children for tomorrow and this will be a wonderful addition :)

  4. So pretty. I am giggling at what you said about the coffee, because I do the exact same thing. We'll know the kids are getting older when we don't have to reheat the coffee anymore...

  5. Lovely Valentine's day card!Thank you for sharing it!

  6. The same thing happens to me with coffee every morning:) And I so love the smell! Enjoyed reading your list!

  7. Oh gosh then you'd feel right at home in this house. We've lived here for 8 years and most of the windows are still naked because I cant seem to settle on the right window treatments. And with 20 windows on the first floor alone, thats a really expensive decision to make anyway!
    My mom always complains that we're living in a fishbowl(appropriate too since our front living room windows are all bay windows):)
    Have a lovely day and Happy Valentines Day to you too!

  8. ok, so coffee and ground coffee and light yes ... but what's that yummy looking drink in the first photo. thanks for sharing your God-gifts!

  9. Yes, garden dreams, I can relate to that! We are putting our garden in the front of the house this year. Our front yard is L shaped so it won't be in front of the front door, but on the portion to the side of the house, but in the front none the less. We'll be putting a picket fence around it. I hope the neighbors don't mind, but hey squash blossoms can be just as lovely as roses can't they? - Enjoyed your post today Megan.

  10. Megan - I came over from Ann V's blog - nice to meet you - and thanks for the printable - lovely. Need it for a special someone today. <3

  11. so totally tracking with you on the coffee ~ i feel about the smell and reheat my same morning cup just like you do :) and natural light? always always always. it's the best! happy valentine's day!

  12. The printable is lovely.


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!