it's april, right?

This sun and snowless grass and 45 degrees are conspiring to make me believe it's April instead of February in Michigan. Seriously, I've never seen anything like this winter. To my snowmobiling husband's chagrin, it's been the loveliest winter I can ever remember and I love, LOVE it. Like a drowsy cat, I've been basking in the sunshine pouring through the windows. I'm in complete denial that it might actually snow again this year.



Saturday, we hoofed it over the creek and through the field to the local high school track. The Mr. Man. is training for a half-Ironman and I'm slowly working through Couch-to-5K (let's hear it for the start of week 5, woot-woot!). So, he and I huffed and puffed around the track with a crazy dog trying to trip us up while our second-born watched us from his perch on the goal post....basically his default position....if it's tall and climbable, he's up there.  Little Miss Mwah, who shamefully had to be cajoled into the track instead of the treadmill, was grateful she gave in to her husband.



 What a day.  Beautiful.  Short sleeves in FEBRUARY!

Thanking Him today......#1,239 - 1,248
the crunch of dry grasses underfoot
a dog asleep between our feet
cloudless sky and stars overhead
yeast-risen waffles with fresh whipped cream
books piled from the library
her golden curls and little legs racing around the track
the opening of my eyes to Your love
a son's affection

Did you have a sunny weekend?
May you see His blessing in all this week,

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  1. PLEASE give us some book titles you are reading! I need suggestions!

  2. Who needs winter? Loving the weather this year. It may be the first year I've never had no snow in my life. Crazy!

  3. I am enjoying warm weather as well. It does so much for my mood. It's a little sad how much sunshine factors into my happiness!

  4. The skies are beautiful! But, I must say I am missing the winter. No snow yet and winter is my second favorite season after fall! Great for you on the couch to 5k. I think I repinned that on Pinterest. I haven't started it yet though, but definitely need to.

  5. Lisa, Sorry, I'm not going to be of much help as I'm only reading one non-fiction book right now, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and I'm loving it. But I enjoy those kind of books....memoirs involving homesteading and farming and food.

  6. That is so exciting that you are doing Couch to 5K! We too had a sunny weekend, instead of the usual rain. I think being in denial helps enjoy the moment. :)

  7. megan-there's a man in our church who will shout "glory" in the middle of the sermon or singing he's so moved by what God is revealing and has done. I felt like shouting all weekend in the glow of the sun-I've never experienced a West MI winter like this either!

  8. What great weather for ya'll! I love your photos and your heard is absolutely beautiuful. The colors and layering are perfect. Your list is great too. You have given SO much thanks!! WOW.

  9. Yeah, I know! It's like that here, too. Crazy, gorgeous weather. I am not complaining! :-) And, wow, on the couch to 5K--go Megan! Run, girl, run! :-) Cheering for you.


  10. I have read AVM before - a good read! Thanks anyway!

  11. We had -29c this weekend, so thank You for all the sunshine on Your pag, to remain me, it will be warm again! :)
    Wonderful blog and lovely photos!

  12. Enjoy it now because I suspect snow will be coming your way! Great job getting through week 5 of the couch potato program (I've done it and it works great) - just keep with it. You have a beautiful list today and beautiful photos, too! Counting my blessings along with you..........


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!