dog + horse

so, i promise not to overwhelm this blog with puppy love talk but,
i just have to say again,
we love this dog.

she's fuzzy and curly and soft,
her close-set eyes are pitiful and crack us up.
winnie mae leans on our legs and sleeps on our feet.


she's stubborn.
she's stands on her long legs, paws on the counter, trying to snatch any morsel of food that might be there.
she's WAY TOO interested in what those clucking, jittery, feathered creatures are in the backyard.
she ate the tail off of Lucy's Angelina Ballerina mouse.


coming home after being out, it's so much fun looking forward to her excited greeting.
we missed that.
ok, enough gushing for now.


we're all animal-lovers here.
this Girlie had been asking to learn how to ride a horse forEVER.
my husband is a teacher and one of his students offered to give Lucy lessons.
my heart soared watching her, knowing how happy she was.


before she got dessert, she had to eat her vegetables by mucking out the stall, learning all the ins & outs of caring for a horse, feeding her, brushing her.
that was one heavy shovelful!
i'm so thankful for her fearlessness, for the boldness He placed in her personality. unlike her shy mama (growing up), she's not going to miss out on many adventures in God's great big world!




happy Friday, y'all. do you have big plans for the weekend?
nothing much's going on here unless getting my hair done counts - woo-hoo! (the grey has grown out to the embarrassment stage.)
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  1. I'm in love with your pup too. Is it a labradoodle or something? We've got our little one, but there is someone about a bigger dog I'd love too.

  2. nicole, haha. that's what my husband tries to get me to do. I DON'T THINK SO! there's just entirely too much of it!!!

  3. farmgirl paints, she's a goldendoodle. we thought we'd get a small dog after our big lab died recently but God placed Winnie in our path, so big dog it is, again. it IS fun having her sprawled out on your lap...all legs, she is.

  4. Girl. Not two minutes before I read your little note I was looking through contributors and stopped on YOU. I had your blog in its own little tab, ready to find out more about you...and then I found your email! Twilight Zone, no? :)

    I've seen your blog name around. It's time I get to know you a little better!


  5. Um, Season 2 of Downton ABBEY! EEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEE!
    (my weekend plans :))

  6. She seems so chill and laid back?? Our labradoodle is two year old and kind of a spaz. Super excited when new people come over and has tons of energy. I'm hoping he mellow out at he gets older?! Or maybe we'll buy a farm so he can run wild? HA! She's adorable!

  7. Oh I love animals so! As you can see on Instagram I take pics of my Nells all the time lol
    And of course adopting our Golden doodle out, we miss her so much, but received a christmas card from her, that was so so cute. I will have to send you a pic of her sometime, so you can see just how pretty she was too...She was from an Amish farm! My husband and daughter got her for me after one of my surgeries back in 2007.
    And this horse :0
    lovely pics all around !!! Your kids must be so so loving your new family member:))

  8. waffle ate a whole pan of chicken and biscuits today.
    i got it out to cook and forgot....left the room....and it's gone.
    so watch out.

  9. I love how much you love your dog! I'm a huge animal lover, and it makes me sad when people have kids and forget about their dogs. Yey for dog lovers! xo

  10. I get like that too with my pets. I go on and on and on about all their isms and people think I'm nuts. ;)


you and your words are a GIFT to me! thank you!